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What's your favorite creature from the island and why?

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Spinos, they can go basically anywhere on The Island, water boosted running through the rivers/along beaches will get you across the map very, very quickly. A good one can handle basically anything a rex can too. Sure, they can't sprint swim, but they're faster than almost anything in the water anyways and don't use stam at all so plenty of energy left for fighting.

@Konran87 It would depend entirely on the breeder. When you get really into breeding you'll figure out that levels don't matter much beyond wild tames. Base level is still often used as a status symbol when trading, but really, really good bred animals are actually lower level in order to allow for more mutations to be stacked on. A level 200 extremely well bred thyla (or any animal really) can actually be stronger than a level 300+ if the 200 is properly stacked and the 300 wasn't stat cleared.

For example, 2 hypothetical thylas:

Lv 300 with 50 HP, 45 stamina, 40 oxygen, 40 food, 40 weight, 55 melee and 30 speed.

Lv 200 with 50 HP, 50 stamina, 0 oxygen, 0 food, 40 weight, 60 melee and 0 speed.

The lv 200 is objectively stronger, but at a much lower base level because it was bred "perfectly", that is the breeder in this situation pulled out the unused stats by breeding low level wild tames into the high level lines before mutation stacking. That thyla has much more room to grow before worrying about the level cap. The downside is the level 200 is less versatile and needs to be more careful in environmental situations. At the bare minimum, dropping the speed stat out of breeding lines is highly recommended and can often drop the base line by 30-40+ levels. If just the speed stat was dropped, the 300 in this scenario would be 270, giving room for 15 more mutations to be stacked on.

I find most people don't do it this way though. I prefer to clear my stats because the animal looks cleaner and can be mutated more.

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