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Happy Birthday ARK: Year Four!

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So.. Nothing to us by supporting the Bu... Ark for 4 years? Bring back the dodowyvern/dodorex and the zobies!

About this year's bugs being fixed? I just think the game could be so much better if you guys are actually willing to put effort into fixing the existing problems in the game along with optimizing it,

So much entitlement in the comments

On 6/3/2019 at 4:38 AM, Greatchawhee said:

You do realize that the over seer is " the bad guy". I mean you do work you way up to it and destroy it. So calling WC the overseer is calling them evil

Not really :D

Here for you part of the Lore: The Overseer is the brain of the Ark, it decides what dinos and survivors spawn and it's connected with the central system of the Earth. It's what gets the order to bring back the Ark to the Earth once we defeat the King Titan. Defeating it should give you "more power" as prize, so the 15 total levels if you beat the Alpha one and allows you to go to another Ark, we can expain the mechanic in this way.  Ofc it can be "evil" like happened on Scorched Earth where Nosti was erased by the blue obelisk, but because the population was becoming too advanced (and here we should speak of Helena and her influence on the Ark's system but it would be too long xD).
What's really Evil is Rockwel that took place of the Aberration Overseer but he was a human before. Aberration doesn't have an Overseer anymore and Rockwell could became the Overseer himself. We understand it by some Notes, one from himself (the 29th) where he says that he knows everything abotut the Ark project and hew wants move the Ark towards the Earth without succes so he provokes the earthquakes. Another note is from a student "Umanumo" or something, we only  have one note and from it we know that Rockwell is the "master" of  the Ark.  Plus, like the Overseer, Rockwell doesn't give elements and makes you Ascend again.
Sorry but I couldn't resist and had to explain it XD

So, what @CommonSense said is not wrong or bad :D It's the truth XD Wildcard is an Overseer! Oh no, even better, they're Homo Deus! They'e who built the whole Ark thing!

And after that.. Happy B-Day Ark and Wildcard! Thank you for having given us a great game :D Yeah, buggy, but personally I still love it!  And the lore... i fell in love with it! I really hope you'll publish a book with the explorer notes, i'd buy it on sight lol

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On 2/12/2018 at 6:13 PM, msnyder1112 said:

Goodluck. These fools at wildcard have been blantantly ignoring us for over a month. I’ve tweeted them several times with no response aswell. I pretty much quit playing ark.

I have contacted Microsoft and they should be looking into it. They agree that their customers, who bought an Xbox, who subscribes to Live Gold, who purchased a game should be able to play that game, on the console that it was designed for. I’m hearing that One X users aren’t facing this issue. 


On 2/14/2018 at 10:59 AM, Jatheish said:

Do you happen to have a video of this? Going to look into this today.


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Wow 4 years of people waking up on the island and having no clue on what is going on this is one hell of a game and the fact the development team are not planning to slow down is still amazing that they already know what they are going to make next with the new creatures. The development team have won the hearts of so many gamers with this game and thank you devs for this amazing game that just keeps on going

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