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Hyena taming tip

So I'm sure some people have heard of the vulture taming trick where you plop a tent over it where it can't fly off mid-tame and just tane from there, ta-da!

But, this trick can actually be used to tame those sometimes-too-jumpy hyenas as well! Takes a bit to place it right, but have your Ghillie set on, and the tent in your hotbar, as it'll likely take a few tries to place it properly, and it's much faster to have it get picked up back into the hotbar. 

You'll want to be crouching the entire time, and once placed, the hyena can sometimes just walk up the back of, and out of the top of the tent. Just pick it up and try again. Once it's placed properly, you can usually just go around the back of the tent to see it's head sticking out the back and pet it until tame from there! It will rarely move, if it does, it's not hard to reposition yourself to keep petting it. 

To be safe, try to remain crouched while petting the hyena, don't want to spook it after all that effort to get it stuck!

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