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Auto Move


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Auto Move

Ever been needing to travel a long distance either by boat or land with a slow tame, where you have to cross a long straight flat plane of endless nothingness and wondered to yourself " this game really needs a button like skyrim which will auto move for you", i.e something that allows you to not have to hold the w button for 30 mins straight while you make some really long and boring journey, but rather allow your character to keep moving without you needing to be holding W.

Well look no further, Hold down the W button and unplug your keyboard while doing so, then release w button and viola, sometimes you can even plug it back in and it will still keep you moving forward untill you press w again, either way you are now moving forwards without having to hold w and can use one hand to direct with the mouse when needed while you do whatever else it is that will make the journey less boring and arduous. You are Welcome

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