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Iron Horse PvE/PvP Cluster

Who are we?

We are Three Kingdoms a PvP and PvE cluster aimed for players who cannot be on regularly along with being able to rebuild quickly after a raid. Server tribe holds a retaliation only policy on PvP servers where we are fairly passive and will not go out on raid sprees.


What makes us different?

We offer fast taming, breeding, egg hatching and maturation times.

Auto engram unlocks and faster leveling.

Various items have had their stack amounts modified including prime meats, meat, and most basic resources

We have custom tame spawns allowing you to obtain gacha’s and other tames on Ragnarok, Griffins on Valguero and more! 

Element has been adjusted to cost Black Pearls and Polymer to craft in the Tek Replicator.


Admins are kept to the people who split ownership over the servers. This means just because someone is in the “admin tribe” doesn’t mean they are admin. This helps cut down on admin abuse.

Our admins are friendly! We are here to provide a good gaming experience not to just enforce rules. We are happy to help teach you the game, aid you with finding things or taming. We will not spawn special things for people even ourselves.

What are the rules?

Really we only have a few,

1. Do not mesh, you will be banned

2. Do not block obs or artifacts or pillar. You will be asked to move if you don’t your structures will be wiped. You may be banned if you fail to cooperate.

3. Abandoned structures and tames will be destroyed after two weeks. This is to help the server run smoothly and free up space.

4. Do not leave tames sitting around. If you tame something and don’t want it don’t just leave it kill it or ask an admin if on a PvE server. Having a lot of tamed creatures scattered about will result in lag.


If you have additional questions please feel free to ask me on here or on my PSN NumberVIII_Axel

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