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Change Tek Helmet Hotkey


Change Tek Helmet Hotkey
...change the Tek Helmet hotkey!
So sick of having to take my helmet off, when trying to gather berrys to feed my dino or myself... trying to spam the "E" key to gather berrys before I starve to death, while at the same time my helmet is cycling through the different modes.

Or when I'm trying to build something and double tap E to cycle the snappoints, and again the helmet activates....

Please, either let use change the hotkey, or switch the helmet activation to a less used key..

original post on steam by Slum and I concur would like to see the hotkey for tek helmet changed

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Since unlocking Tek armor finally and giving it a go I've had fun with some things and tested other thing, yano? - generally played around with it. Beyond that though I can't shake the feeling that if I ever met the guy who programmed "E" to not only be the button you use for nearly EVERYTHING on the game, but also holding it opening menu's- to also be the button to change the Tek helmets "mode" I'd bend him over and go to town on him with a chainsaw.
These are just my random musings though, afetr the 11th time in a row of bringing up a dino menu to export it to my breeding calculator and having that poopty little helmet pop up with its "Look everything's green now isn't that cool!" bullpoop. No Wildcard. No it's not cool.
Like who thought that poop was cool anyway? Let alone cool enough to warrant interrupting literally everything else you try and do
Oh picking berries? EVERYTHING'S GREEN. Exporting a dino? LOOK MORE GREEN. Accidentally having the sheer AUDACITY to press "E" more than once "Look ma, MORE GREEN"
It's not cool. Not at all. If only there were some other way I could see if the Dino I'm looking at were a friendly tribe one? Like, gee I dunno- The obvious green ass sodding nameplate above it's head.
Hm, How will I know if A dino is agressive toward me without this idiotic hat to show me the red line! poop I dunno, here's a stab in the dark. If it's chewing your asshole it's probably not because it wants a HUG.
Whoever designed this is a straight up moron.

In all seriousness though I would sooner unbind the Tek Helmet altogether and lose the ability to cycle its functions than put up with this poop; it needs fixing before I slat yet another one into the aberrant zone.
...Okay I think Im finished now. Glad to know Im not alone in this though.


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