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Revised Tribe Breakdown

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Revised Tribe Breakdown


  • General Order revamp. Since we play multiple games we made them no game specific.
  • Uniform Change: We no longer required people to wear their rank, its optional.
  • Two new ranks have been added. XO (Captains second in command) and Platoon Sergeant (Lieutenants 2nd in command)




1. Be an asset not a liability

An organization of any caliber is only as strong as its weakest link, it is every members responsibility to have a general understanding of every aspect of every position within the organization. Being a toxic person or depending on others too much will turn you into a liability.

2. Everyone is an Ambassador and a Combatant.

The image and reputation of an organization is carried with every member. Every action you take good or bad is a direct reflection upon the organization. You will carry the name OP4 with pride and will not degrade its name. Every member will also be required to fight if necessary.

3. No one fights alone We will not allow our organization to appear weak.

We can not give others the opportunity to kill or harass any of our members without impunity. If you are off by yourself and get killed or robbed, you not only make yourself look weak but also make OP4 appear weak. To prevent this no member of OP4 is authorized to take offensive actions alone. You are obviously allowed to fight if you are alone if it is defensive, but if you want to take offensive action you must have at least one other person with you.

4. We always bring the fight to the enemy.

OP4 will never run or hide from an enemy. We will stand and fight even if we know we will die. We will do everything in our power to close the distance with the enemy.



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