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Wyvern Ideas?

So, as a person who has played ARK for a while, it's bugs are of course very noticeable and should be treated before any updates in Dinos, or before any new additions (as some think). But, let's forget about the bug issues for a second.

Personally, I would love to have new dinosaurs like the Gorgonopsid, or a Majungasaurus added to the game, but above all...I feel Wyverns need a new look.

I have loved how theyve looked for a while, but recently, I feel they could look more intimidating instead of some fairytale "save the princess" look. The Fire Wyvern for example, of course it is a big, scary, FIRE BREATHING flying fantasy Lizard, so its intimidating anyway. However, when you see them up close... they dont look the part to scare enemies from their nests...I feel the Wyverns should be a bit bigger, and have more color variations out of events first before any new model looks, but again... I just felt they never looked up to their name "Wyvern" if their face looks adorable to ages 6 below...

That's not all though, I would LOVE to see size mutations or differences amongst the dragons. Logically, I feel the Lightning should be slimmer, faster, and smaller than the others, with Fire being the biggest, Ice the 2nd biggest, and Poison the 3rd. But if that'd ever happen, I'd love to see more tricks on the Wyverns end.

Like the Pteranadon for example, if you hit the right joystick it does a spin attack or fast maneuver whilst taking up a chunk of stamina. I would appreciate seeing a Wyvern glide maneuver, so while facing walls you could glide down and attach to them, MUCH like the Tapejara and Rock Drake in Aberration. I just would like to think Wyverns had a new trick up their sleeves instead of landing in lava all the time... they could now spawn attached to walls and etc, or climbing down from them...

Lastly, new Wyverns.

It's a bit late to say this, but I havent heard any news about anything about the update so IDK if stuff like this would come for Wyverns so early or at all, but I just wanted to make this post/discussion.

Anyway, new wyverns. It would be amazing to see a Leviathan Wyvern (or Sea/Ocean/Water Wyvern) to accompany on Ragnarok, and maybe The Center. Imagine, swimming through the Oceans of Ragnarok with your high level Sarco or preferred Ocean mount, and you see ruins under the water... intimidated yet curious, you launch yourself into the depths at the mouth of a tiny ruined castle, and you see floating eggs on little shelves and etc. You take one, not knowing if this is a joke, when suddenly a Momma Wyverns head is in the entrance, trapping you and your Sarco in the ruins. You've made grave mistake! A Sea Wyverns head (or whatever youd like to call it) would be slim and sharp, like a mix between Lightning and Poison, their bodies would be incredibly slim and snake like, and their wings would resemble more of giant fins, but they could still launch out of the water to attack you on the shore (As well as sitting on the shore like a Walrus, lol). I dont have any attack ideas at the moment, but if I do I'd edit the post.

Now maybe Rock/Earth Wyverns? Much like the "Forest Wyvern" in Extinction, the Earthy Wyverns would be dull/bright colors (depending on their territory), small, but built like a beast. Traveling through Redwoods when suddenly, a Maroonish Wyvern unhooks its wicked wings from one of the trees only to tangle you in vines or etc eit its breath. I feel like such a thing would be a slim little quick dragon for the brighter environments, and for the dull, more of a rock shape much like the Rock Elemental in Ragnarok and so on. Actually coming alive from rocky areas as it attaches armor to itself from the rocks around it.

Anywho, this was just a fun little post. Comment your ideas? 

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@WolfCry05, I like some of the ideas you bring up. I have advocated that the Wyverns from Scorched Earth could do with a TLC Pass, but more in line with that was done with the Rex or Trike, where the overall aspect and original vision is preserved in a better overall presentation.

To me the Fire Wyvern is the best example, when I look at the dossier, the face looks pretty awesome, and while in game they do look ok, it feels more like its a younger Wyvern than a more mature and menacing one drawn in the dossier. If Wildcard tempers with their design and functionality I would trust them based on the past TLCs successes, which I liked all of them (the Parasaur was a bit disappointing to be fair since the model is exactly the same, though it admittedly was in a good place already). 

New Wyverns have actually been introduced since, they just don't fly/behave the same way, such as the Rock Drake (Aberration) and Managarmr (Extinction)... One for each expansion so far, so we may very well see "Sea Wyverns" or other wyvern like creatures depending in what kind of content they have up their sleeve. 

I do like your idea about bigger Wyverns, perhaps a new one could be introduced without tempering with the existing ones, something closer to the current Fire Wyvern, but bigger and meaner. 

Perhaps a larger Wyvern in Ark true to current ones, would not be tamed, a rare egg could be found some how, in an unconventional place of sorts, a dead egg... that some how could be activated, that would in turn breed a creature, but in order to grow to its full power and glory, it would need to be released on the map in a wondering like state (where it could be pick off until adulthood). Once it reaches a certain time or amount of miles of wondering it would be max sized or something... I don't know, like growing something big and powerful needs to come with risks and provide a real challenge in order to get it there... Not something you could breed in the comfort of your base... not that it would fit there anyway. lol.

Just tossing more stuff around... as @d1nk said, perhaps you should post it in suggestions, you may not get many hits or comments there, but the devs do see it, I left a few there in the past.

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I like these ideas. Personally I would just be happy if they fixed the wyvern landing mechanic and they landed where you told them to land rather than somewhere in the next map or mid air off a cliff lol. That and I would love to see the tek saddle from dev kit added but seriously doubt that will happen. Nothing would please me more than to saddle my prized main wyvern with a tek saddle

I like the idea of rock clinging, never really thought about that, kinda forgot tapejaras could do that to be honest lol.

Just going to breifly mention the idea of the griffin/snow owl glide. Flying a wyvern after a griffin or owl just feels so wrong. It would be nice to see flyers in general get a glide type maneuver  like the griffin or owl in general 

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