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mod menu + modded server selection, ETC

this is a simple suggestion for console ark

ark on console is a little dry when comparing it to the pc where it has a large mod community , if wildcard is able to add a mod area and a place to switch servers to modded servers it would add alot of content to the game and bring back alot of old players and keep players interested for alot longer, just like in games such as skyrim, fallout, etc we should be able to download mods and be able to play how we want,

modded servers option: if we had an option to switch from dedicated servers to modded servers and people had the option to go and download the server specific mods to play it would bring alot of diversity and creativity to the console version of the game.

etc: a little thing that would go a long way in the console version of the game would be if a admin command menu was added so we don't have to search the command every time to be able to use them as that takes alot of time out of our play time

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Personally, as a console player I would love for consoles to get a bit more love for console play.

That includes new maps, clothing, building items, creatures, and server settings that could allow us to customize, create, and essentially have the same kind of fun as PC when it comes to having a few more options under our own control. 

However, I also realize the amount of work it takes to even add in a few new items to play with. And while I think your idea would be nice thing to see, it is something that has been brought up before. 

You may want to check out the links below to see if they are of the same thoughts as your own. If they are, and they have more votes, you may want to consider adding your own if it is a suggestion that you agree with. 


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