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I’m a console player so I haven’t had the pleasure of playing in the new maps like Crystal Isles, Valguero, and some of the others which I hope will be added to console eventually, but I have an idea for a map which no one seems to have tried to create. 

The idea I imagine is similar to the layout of extinction with different biomes set up, although these biomes will be made up of mythology. One features Egyptian mythology, one for Greek mythology and one for Chinese mythology. Using the gods of the different mythological sets as bosses, and creatures specific to each biome from mythology. 

To expand even further adding a whole new set of engrams for a full expansion. A “god” set of engrams. Either focusing on the gods of death using souls from killing certain creature to power or using sunlight or something similar that can be obtained from certain creature or bosses for a power source. Depending on the route unless adding both engram paths designing the new structures with a dark underworld theme for souls or a gold glowing them for the sunlight or similar path. 

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As a console player myself, I would love to see some more maps added. I have been following Crystal Isle and Valguero thus far and have enjoyed watching their progress and hope to someday be able to visit one on console. 

And the different Biomes concept introduced during Extinction would be an interesting way to expand and include different mini maps or biome areas. 

Personally, I am a huge fan of the mythology sets. In a lot of ways, there is a lot of information to back up the details just as there are with the dinosaurs used in the game thus far. As an added factor, they come with their own "boss" sets if you consider the more monstrous creatures of the mythology sets. 

To go along with your "god engram" set, there could also be some building structures that tie into each era or mythology set as well. I suppose not too many as it could become a cluster of engrams, but a few pieces that could be used to showcase the the biome/map. Not to mention the skins that could be added, the added holidays and events that could be added that tie into the creatures, new weaponry options, clothing, and possible decorative items. 

How likely this is to happen... who knows. It would be a lot of work, but as a player, it is a world I wouldn't mind playing in. 

*from the perspective of a unofficial PVE coder, admin, and player. 

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