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Bug paradise, new map suggestion


Bug paradise, new map suggestion

The map consists of three floating islands and four non floating islands, the three floating islands are grasslands with a big tree in the middle, the floating islands are called Sky Floor, 1, 2, and 3. The non floating islands, consist of a deep canyon, a swamp, scorched island, and a volcano that is still in the stage of erupting,



giant cicada: found on the giant trees in the floating islands. Second stage flier, can collect tree sap for new items, medium weight, high speed, and can tell when a bug storm is about to happen by the way it flaps its wings, knock out to tame it eats tree bark (found on the ground),  rideable with saddle or a tek saddle

tekbag: a gasbag with wings: beginner flier, low speed, low stamina, boosts farts that boost the tekbag speed when you need it, find anywhere, rideable, optimal saddle, passive tame, immune to Narco berries, feed Mejoberries to tame, 

Fertaworm: to tame you pick worm heads up out of the ground (when the fertaworms heads are out of the ground) and place in a worm bucket. Can only be found when a bug storm is happening, makes fertilizer when you put spoiled berries in the worm bucket, 

Trikes, dodos, argys, and Allo’s can be found found in the deep canyon

giant leeches, not tame able, not common, gives loot when killed, found in swamps, high damage, high health, slow speed, drops blood packets and giant leech fangs

Rhino beetle: high health can collect metal, low damage, medium movement speed, can glide like a terror bird, found in scorched island, tameable, Eats berries, knock out tame, use tranq stick to knock out

Dragonfly: endgame flier, tame same way you do a quetzal, found by sky floor and volcano, medium speed, high weight, high health, high stamina, platform saddle, can eat berries and leaves but takes longer will eat mostly giant leech fangs, 



bug storm: when it becomes every other noon all bugs that can fly flys up to the top of the world and won’t come down for a day in a game,  and bugs on wonder will go into bug storm too, during storms Gigas can be found, 


tree bark: can be found in ground, used for taming,

sized leaves, certain bugs want differ sized leaves, found in giant trees on the floating islands, can only be harvested with a Woden or metal sickle

wooden sickle, harvests things not as good as regular sickle, low durability,  made with 20 wood, 

Tranq stick, made with 29 tree sap, and three narco berries, and three tree bark, to use you hit a Dino to tranq it

worm bucket, made with 25 metal and 5 wood, and 30 tree sap

Note all bugs from the actual game are in this expansion,


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