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pvp [ShadowCrown Cluster] PvPvE | Pyria | 3XP | 5G | 10T | 15M | Low Tech

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[ShadowCrown Cluster] PvPvE | 3XP | 5G | 10T | 15M | Low Tech | Custom Mods

Come explore, build, breed, and PvP with us in this new world! We've designed our server with many play styles in mind. We have many mods for the Builders in your tribe including Structures+ and Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture, and several Eco decoration mods. We've also streamlined breeding by decreasing the maturation and hatch timers so you can speed through the boring parts of breeding. If you have a passion for breeding these prehistoric beasts then this server is for you! And for the PvPer, we have done our best to make sure we have a balanced environment to make PVP fair and fun. You won't find any broken or OP mods here! Players of all ages and experience welcome!  We are  bringing back the thrill of surviving against the world.  We are not an role-play server, but we are role-play friendly.  No tek so there is no 'race' to the finish, no electricity, and ugly metal pieces have been removed.  Choose how you want to live your life, either through the tools and weapons you can create, or by building amazing structures.  All admin commands are logged in main chat, and NOTHING will ever be spawned in (other than for event prizes). Staff must follow the rules and play like everyone else. We have minimal, concise rules, laid-back admins, slightly increased stats, and ORPE to help avoid offline raiding... because in all honesty the fun of PvP is more about fighting other players than draining turrets! Suggestions are always welcomed, in fact they are highly encouraged and should be posted in the Discord suggestions channel.

**Explanation on Disabled Engrams and Dinos** There are some engrams that have been disabled on the mods as it gives an unfair advantage.  Also, certain flyers taming has been disabled to encourage more trading from players as well as to keep the utility of land dinos.  Flyers tameable: Argi and Ptera

**Discord** - https://discord.gg/ctCMsFR -This is our predominant form of communication and the place to stay up to date for all relevant information about the server.

* 3x XP
* 5x Gather
* 10x Taming
* 15x Maturation
* 20x Breeding
* Max Dino Level: 150
* Food and Water drain reduced by 50%
* Player map location enabled
* Damage numbers and hit markers enabled
* Day length 150%, Night length 50%
* Gamma enabled
* Admin command logging
* Offline raid protection with ORPE!
* Events with Prizes!
* ARKShop

**Custom Beacons**: No more primitive stone hatchet blueprints and crop plots! We've also removed most of the building pieces. This means loot you can actually use and be excited about!!

Structure decay enabled to remove clutter!

**For a list of all of our rules, please check out our Discord**

steam://connect/ - Olympus
steam://connect/ - Ragnarok
steam://connect/ - Valguero




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