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3 Different Chats In Game **Tribe**, Alliance, & Global Chat **FOR CONSOLE**



3 Different Chats In Game **Tribe Chat**, Alliance Chat, & Global Chat

There should be 3 different chats for in game chat!! 
(NEW) Tribe Chat- ONLY your TRIBE can see what you are saying
(Already Exists) Alliance Chat- ONLY your ALLIANCE can see what you are saying
(already Exists) Global Chat- EVERYONE can see what you are saying 

It creates lots of clutter and annoyance when an alliance tribe is talking all day in chat but other tribes have to sift through it to talk to their own tribe or other tribes in alliance. Let tribes actually talk in a TRIBE ONLY chat!

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7 hours ago, ThePryBar said:

Yes you can and I want to say there was a way to type in actual alliance chat as well, it's been a bit since i have played with allies. Yellow is global, green is tribe and allies was blue, mind you this was back in legacy. Not sure if this is the correct answer that you were seeking.



Not on console, pc maybe console no

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we already have tribe chat, for years now. i guess you haven't found the button yet. well, it was in the in-game settings until a year-ish ago. the ini can be found in your steam folder: steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Config - DefaultInput.ini

open with notepad/wordpad and edit the tribe chat button. you have to exit the game for it to update.

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8 hours ago, 99thregiment said:


You didn't say local /global you just said global, local is proximity based not global which covers the entire map, local is just render distance and that's it

Before jumping on my response re read your own post 

So to clarify

There should be 4 different chats

Tribe, only your tribe 

Alliance,cycle between all alliances or a specific allianxe to talk too

Global, everyone in the map/server can read it

Local, only people in render distance can see it, prefect for doing a trade or boss fight or confronting or greeting someone near you but you don't want to talk to the whole server, useful for hostile servers of the hermit types that like to keep to themselves and not state there presence to the server,this is not available on Xbox official at this time so your forgiving for thinking it's the same as global

Then to edit in a further response you may have literally put in global/local but I physically wrote local and physical

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