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Ark 2

Thinking of the future of ark. Shoot some ideas.

What would you like to see in Ark 2?

what kind of story/lore possibilities would you like to see?

Do you want tek or primitive or both?

what kind of creatures do you expect to see?

what kind of items do you want in ark2?

give your thoughts and ideas?

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I read about there possibly being an ARK 2 at some point, but can't recall when or where. I do recall that when it was announced, not much was said as to what it was going to be. And since then there have been some rumors, but as far as I could find, that is about it. 

And ever since then, I have wondered what it could be. It has been an open discussion topic on the server I play on and many have different opinions. 

  • Is a complete new story? 
  • Is it a continuation of the first? 
  • Is it another side or perspective to the story
  • Is it the same story, but expanded with a new - and possibly - a more reliable style of code? 
  • Is the setting the same but the steps unique? 
  • Is the setting different but the steps familiar? 

Regardless of what it is, or in this case isn't, as they could all be wrong. I would definitely consider it. Even with all the issues, updates, and the ups and downs, I do enjoy the game and will continue playing it. And if they do manage to come up with something new, that has some of the aspects this one has, there is a good chance I may give it a go - if for no other reason that to see what they managed to think up. 

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That was one of the rumors I read about at one point, taking ark to outer space. Sort of like a No Man's Sky meets Ark. 

Personally, I play for the building, the taming, the raising, the gardening, and the companionship with other players. Never really got into the PVP portion of it all. So as long as ARK touches on some of the PVE aspects, I will be there. 

Ark in outer space? I could play that.

I wouldn't mind an expansion and continuation of the current Ark project either. What happens next? Will there be other canon storyline maps that we haven't seen or don't know about? How did they survive through it all and what do they look like? How did the creatures develop on the other maps? 

There so many ways it could be worked.... It is exciting to think about. 😊

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