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24/7 NA pve server

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I will be changing a few settings after work. So it will be down for 10-15 minutes after I get home. Going to try to set it to pve with flyer carry and see if that still allows wild Dinos to be picked up. If it doesn't it will be set back to pvp but please no raiding or grieving. We will hold events once we get a community going. 


My personal gamertag is the same as my username here if you need to contact me directly about anything. I can only add people as friends to use the server when I am home though. I can answer questions anytime from gamer tag "rickyh24"  



Also its it's going to be 6x xp until my buddy who can't play much gets his character back to level 50. Then it will be 3x. Taming speed (6x) and mating will always be boosted. Harvest was brought down to 3x since we were getting encumbered by hitting one tree. It was kind of a pain.  

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13 hours ago, TheBullWillWin said:

Im interested for sure, GT TheBullWillWin.

just a single man looking to mingle. 13 y/o, im a grown man. I just want to download a few gigas and rocket launchers and c4 and have fun with ppl

Im turning downloading off for now. Want to see how the server holds up. No gigas will be downloaded. Haha 

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8 minutes ago, iGPricey said:

Im interested in joining, just one question. I know you mentioned exp, gsthering and taming speed is bumped up, but what exactly are they on? Im looking for a good pve server but I dont want it to be farming and taming a single dino for hours, I want it fun but of course not too easy.

It's been fine tuned since original post. 


Xp is at like 3.8

taming  is 6x  

gathering is at like 4.4. 

Gathering at 6x was a pain. Encumbered on one hit. 


I also turned up dino melee and health a tad. 

You also get a little more than usual if you put any points  into health, stamina and water. 


I'm adjusting as we go based on requests. I'll never change anything drastically without a heads up though.  

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