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Weigh In: What do you look for in events?

What do you look for in events?  

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  1. 1. What do you look for in events?

    • Boosted Rates
    • A Fitting Theme
    • Unique Skins
    • Unique Items
    • Random Colored Dinos

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1. Higher rates- 4x harvesting instead of the weekend boosts and more breeding events would make me SO happy as I cannot always raise things for long periods of time (I just got my hand in stitches and can finally start playing again after a while)

2. More colors- red and green for christmas is nice, but can we get some whites and extremely light colors like light blues as well in there?

3. Maybe some creatures could spawn on maps they weren't intended to during events (i.e. a griffin on scorched, with a 100% event coloration).

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Every event should feel different and add new exciting surprises like in the first year of ARK development!

Bring back Dodomosnsters and maybe add a new one into the mix ;)? Everyone would want to see beasts like Dodoreaper or Dodogarmr (Ok maybe not this one...)
For Fear Evolved it would be also nice to see promised a while back vampires and werewolfs!


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When I have played events I enjoyed getting different colored dinos because they were a unique cosmetic that could only be got at a specific point in the year, they were still randomized colors so getting the correct colors you wanted was almost like a test of devotion to find the correct wild dino with the perfect level and colors you want so you can breed it and show it off as a cool centerpiece and think back to how you got it e.g. "oh yeah remember how I got this allosaur It took me 3 days to find it though searching its spawn spots and I found this level 145 with a red body and high melee". It is a bit of a luck game finding them but it creates new scenarios where you can just stop what your doing to pursue these cool limited-time creatures.

I do think this can go further though I'm not sure if it would be a good idea: Adapted Event Dinos. This would involve variants of existing dinos that were cosmetically different with slightly altered models, maybe a small add on ability, and potentially altered base stats to a degree where they aren't vital or a main progression point in a stage of the game (so that powerful dinos aren't locked behind rotating events) but they provide a new use for existing dinos.

Here's what I envisioned with this- lets say its winter and for a few months there's an event linking to an ice age or a colder climate. We can have select dinos spawning that get thicker skins and small fur'feather patches and  some minor effect linking to an adaption they've made to this colder climate event.

These dinos would receive small stat changes; lets say regular raptors have a lower survival rate they lose heat too quickly and its prey is harder to come across because they've started burrowing or hibernating for the colder climate, some raptors will have adapted to have a slight layer of feathers to help insulate, an increased stamina and health as a trade off for reduced movement speed to lower their metabolism and be able to last longer periods without food (these stat changes would be on a scale where they are minor in terms of not making the creatures feel ridiculously different but you can tell that they have a different stat makeup to their un-adapted counterparts: a raptor that's a bit slower but has some more health and stamina but its still relatively fast and low in health in comparison to other dinos because its still a raptor).

In terms of a minor ability, perhaps players riding the raptors would receive an small increased resistance to the cold climate and could transverse the snowy biomes on the back of a raptor safely. Implementation of this sort of thing could be dangerous as what if it made fur armor or dimetrodon obsolete? I would put heavy restrictions on these abilities: only a minor impact on the player e.g  worth a single piece of fur armor or less and the insulation properties would only work on a riding player ( player losses the buff after they jump off the dino as to not compete with the dimetrodon's utility or allow the player to farm materials in the snow biome on foot).

so to summarize:

.more cool limited-time cosmetic changes such as small fur coatings, battle scarred dinos or anything of the sort. Being minor reduces the input required on changing models but still allows for a realistic and interesting twist to the existing dinos that players can get behind, adding to the depth but not throwing off the classic dinos

.stat shifts- take from some stats and give to others to add variety in the dinos- I do get tired sometimes of looking for high stats on carno' and seeing that I never get more points in health than melee on a wild tame (using a stat calculator). this just adds new archetypes to the dinos which again: aren't drastically different or improved versions of the classics, just slightly different point distributions for different intended purposes.

.a niche ability- I'm most afraid with this as i think it would be a bit much for a limited time event and it could reduce design space for future dinos, items or reworks. It might be possible if like the stat rework it just alters a non-combat stat to a slight degree or could just be a cosmetic addition like a new roar. again this just adds a small variety for dinos with limited abilities that you might not want to TLC

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On 5/8/2019 at 1:46 PM, Syntac said:

Maybe you guys could finally add the Vampire/Werewolf disease transformations you had planned for Fear Evolved in 2016. I had a source tell me that you almost had it done and working well but then scrapped it. Other than that, I loved the Dodo Rex/Wyvern Events you used to have, so more of that kind of thing would be fun!

Can I like this twice?

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Themed events are what I would love to see and to be able to have the items and dinos persist on unofficial servers since the last few events had the items completely despawn at the end of the event.

A lot of decorative items would be great I loved my zombie taverns till a Xbox glitch wiped my servers but definitely persistent items.

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Events to me are a "theme" of items/dinoaurs to celebrate something. It can be repetitive or it can be yearly but most games do have a holiday event for almost all U.S. holidays/some non-U.S. holidays so I find it strange when ark doesn't even bother or the amount of effort put forth is very lack luster.

Major Events:

Fear Evolved.. simple put: its awesome, we want it back. Every. Single. Year.  If you want to prevent some tears simply set boss dinosaurs to not attack base structures but make it so you cannot build near the boss while its spawned. 
The Christmas event.. raptor clause, gacha clause, have presents give a de-buff timer on opening presents so no one can be a greedy turd. Bring back the snow and music and seasonal changes.
I do actually like the idea of a "blood moon" event that someone mentioned in an early post. Get creative with it, make special dinosaurs spawn to do specific tasks.. I recommend they focus pillars on PvE with extreme damage and prejudice. 

Major and Minor Events include things like:

  • Random higher then normal quality item drops.
  • cryopod/cryofridge drops
  • tek dinosaurs drop a single element instead of dust for the duration of the event

Dropped breeding items from various random dinos:

  • An Item that would cut a SINGLE dinosaurs breeding wait time in half.
  • An item to raise a SINGLE baby to the next stage of growth or reduce growth time by a specific number of hours
  • Items that would give an instant % of imprinting improvement
  • Items to reduce tame times by half or a quarter like the valentines day heart boxes.. 
  • unique craftable incubation items that reduce egg incubation by half but disappears when the event is over (suped up airconditioner)
  • Items to boost mutations in a specific creature - think dino candy drops but make it so that dinosaur actually has a chance to breed those colors or a higher chance at those colors instead of simply changing colors or instead of color infested events with low level wildlife.

Basically give some thought to things players would still have to go out and hunt for but could work well together without stressing out the server or causing people to have 1000 baby dinosaurs at once or go on random low level taming sprees.

Decorations: We're survivors, we live day in and day out with the same stuff forever until a random dlc comes out.. give us new cosmetics (not just skins), new decor to fit certain themes. 

  • Craftable themed items - simple things like re-skinned event themed chairs and table. A re-skinned bed, a re-skinned vault.. take things we already have and are capable of making and give them a new look! 
  • New outfit skins - think outside of the ark box.. bathing suits, cow boy hat, pirate hat, mermaid tail for the scuba pants, a dress or skirt for females? Whatever 'outfit' fits the holiday. It's completely boring to always look like the guy next door and they should be *special*.
  • New EVENT themed saddle skins. 
  • Basic craftable themed and non-themed decorations  -A new statue to put by the front door? A scarecrow for the garden? A christmas tree to put up in your base yearly, eerie pumpkins to set by the door, the possibilities are endless..  The fact that mods have these items and the actual game lacks them makes me so sad.

When it comes to decorations I like to see items that just add an extra element of *fun* and make it so people can interact with each other beyond dinosaur taming/breeding during the event. Items that we KEEP, that don't disappear, that are craftable ONLY during the event but that we can use whenever to decorate our homes 'aka bases'.
Put some effort into your events and make us feel loved ❤️

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On 5/8/2019 at 10:31 AM, Cedric said:

If there's something else, name it below!

70%:  Breeding event
20%: Unique (useful) item events
10%: Colorzzzzz

So yeah, we know breeding events cause server lag, but there is an entire subset of the community that works really hard at breeding and need at least 4 of these a year.  Also, since we have cryo fridges now, drop the dino cap and let us breeeeeeed.  We're ready.  It's not a nerf.

Useful items...  Most of us have (thanks to Extinction) max weapons and armor.  Something unique, like a combo tool that works like a hatchet or a pick at a high level, or a shotgun that has triple shot settings or ...  

Colors...  Uniquely colored dinos are nice as an event but should be random and all the time.  I'll take this a step further and say that the spawn of these should be of a higher level and unique stats.  Make finding one of these feel special.

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