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Weigh In: What do you look for in events?

What do you look for in events?  

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  1. 1. What do you look for in events?

    • Boosted Rates
    • A Fitting Theme
    • Unique Skins
    • Unique Items
    • Random Colored Dinos

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Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.

Maybe you guys could finally add the Vampire/Werewolf disease transformations you had planned for Fear Evolved in 2016. I had a source tell me that you almost had it done and working well but then scr

Special perks like the increased loot quality from the Christmas event 2 years ago.

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SKINS SKINS SKINS create more awesome skins.

Glasses like the t rex glasses. Hats like captain hat also for bigger tames.

People that ask for only boosts just need to play unofficial.

Skins like dog collars, spiked ones

Different sword n weapons skins, different themes like may 4th litsaber skins n torch.  Or punk steam, mideival etc.

Please fix taxidermy display of following.


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Later than "tomorrow", but here's how I experienced raptor claus @Cedric

TLDR; players are being rude and greedy, that's the opposite the "christmas spririt" is about. New players don't stand a chance. Everyone is paranoid.

Main Server is SE

The first time the event happened, the people on our server got in line for each present. We all took torches with us, and when someone was first at a falling present, he was visible and everyone who arrived after that passed by and tried to be the first one at the next present and so on. No one was mad, everyone had a chance. Hardly anyone was able to grab two drops in a row anyway because the next present hit the ground shortly after the one before that.  now with drakes, manas, enforcers available anyone can grab a present and get to the next one before it hits the ground. So one person can farm all presents of one night which leaves everyone else with empty hands.

Last christmas we had two guys who apparently set timers and came back every night, right on time to grab presents. One around noon, the other in the afternoon/night. They had never been on our server before, and never came back after the event. They looted extremely fast - when I managed to press e the contents of the present didn't even load for me, the other guy already had taken everything every single time (script? Controller? Idk).

On pve there's no way to slow someone else down. Newer players don't stand a chance if there's players like that online. People with "meh" hardware will probably have problems too.

when asked to give away stuff they did't need, or to leave some presents for other players all we got in response was insults.

very late at night, when no greedy people were online, getting in line worked. There was even a player on an argy who got at least 1-2 presents every night. That player was new too, but he wasn't acting like pego and shared, so no one grabbed "his" present when he was approaching one either.

These two players left a bad vibe though. There was a lot of mistrust because of them. I felt paranoid every time I went for some loot, always suspicious when a player stopped close to me while I was waiting for a present to fall - usually they just checked the players name and went on if it was someone known on our server. I did the same. I always expected to be insulted and to have the loot go bye-bye, very stressful experience.

On weekends my tribemate and I stayed up until 5am so we managed to get some stuff while no one else was online anyway and as soon as we spotted any unknown players grabbing more than one present in a row we gave up for a few hours.

on extinction there was one guy on a mana who took all the good stuff and left coal and building parts in the presents, that was annoying. Other nights no one was collecting presents or people got in line, and we got some good stuff.

ragnarok wasn't so bad, probably because of the map size.

on the island it was mixed. Either no one else collecting, people got in line or greedy people trying to grab everything.



- put a timer on presents. You can't open two in a row, unless you wait a minute. increase the time a present can stay until it decays, so if no one else is online you can still get to all of them.

- make them work like orbital drops, but with no hp loss. It will take some time to defeat the waves, so no one can be very fast at arriving at all the presents.

- non-transfereable loot, but that would be bad if they still contain BPs and such.

- characters need a certain play time on the server to open a present, this would exclude new players though.

- presents Contain only skins and items to summom grinch (Pegorex?) miniboss or boss, that will give loot right into the players inventory, depending on how much dmg everyone who participated did.

- event boss portal added to obelisks, the items needed to summon it are collected from random wild animals. The boss will drop awesome loot. You can go with other people or just your tribe.

- presents will give loot right into the players inventory as soon as you press e on it. you can do this once per present, several players can loot the same presents until it decays.

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For one I'd enjoy if smalltribes got evolution event boosts. But I do believe "game changing" events that make loot quality higher would be neat. Even special BPs that don't degrade on server restart or transfer. Like a fabricated sniper rifle BP that's 350% and has limited crafting similar to MEKs.

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On 5/8/2019 at 11:49 PM, Lowly said:

I went with unique items, because the Dino saddle skins aren't unique when they are also tied to achievements or progress.

I like the unique archaeology Dino skins but how many of those can you guys really do? Not that many before you run out of creatures.

I like the colours that are super difficult to get through mutations but the game has been out a year and a half and 48 dragongreen3 still hasn't been in a n event nor has 44 draginfire

So I went with unique items as in the placeable base decorations but I dislike how they go away after the events, as a role play style Pve player I dislike how I cannot keep a Christmas grotto and a Halloween churchyard all year round

I would love unique item skins either from events or just in general, the Easter bunny club skin was nice but I'd prefer more permanent additions to weapon and tool skins then just a special event


I would love more unique items but i want to be able to keep them. Like the other person said, we have to race and fight for event items from raptor claus and then they just take them away. I would have liked to keep my christmas lights. And put my christmas tree and stockings in storage til next time. Not just lose them after working for them. 

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I would like to see a new kind of event. Like a survive the weekend event, where maybe once an hour or two, if you have a certain flag on your base indicating to the game mechanics you wish to participate, you get hordes sent to your base. And could give rewards after the weekend that are based on how well you protected your base. But it would have to have like a structure you placed that would notify the game you were participating, that way new players wouldnt/couldnt be wiped by the event mobs. 

Extibction would be a good map for that, as corrupted dinos are always hungry for element. Maybe have them turn towards bases, as if they are hunting stored element. 

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adapted environments such as winter snow everywhere / extreme temperatures at night or day

Special items that not only have decorative use, but find a practical application ... example - Cooking pots that have more slots - saddles with special characteristics - but everything can only be found very rarely ... and always only a little better than the standard

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14 hours ago, Kai905 said:

I would love more unique items but i want to be able to keep them. Like the other person said, we have to race and fight for event items from raptor claus and then they just take them away. I would have liked to keep my christmas lights. And put my christmas tree and stockings in storage til next time. Not just lose them after working for them. 

I agree with this!  I'd love to be able to make and keep holiday themed rooms

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Events should offer us something we cant get any other time without the event.  Colors are nice, skins are okay but both dont really help out.  However increased baby maturation and decreased food consumption should be more regular.  Even dropping a few more 3x or 4x weekends here and there apart from the regularly expected 2x.   The game is on it's way out sadly and only new players and old die hard players are left.  Would be a nice change to the weekly 2x to help get each aspect of our games ahead.  Would be cool to introduce pvp events.  As a console player i always hoped for SOTF and it never came.   Anything to give us reasons to explore or go to areas we wouldn't normally choose to for regular grinding.  More things like the dodorex.   Need cool and exciting events not boring colors and skins would be my suggestion.    Theres a lot of players who dont care for pretty dinos or getting a skin to change something thats already in the game..  

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