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Weigh In: What do you look for in events?

What do you look for in events?  

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  1. 1. What do you look for in events?

    • Boosted Rates
    • A Fitting Theme
    • Unique Skins
    • Unique Items
    • Random Colored Dinos

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Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.

Maybe you guys could finally add the Vampire/Werewolf disease transformations you had planned for Fear Evolved in 2016. I had a source tell me that you almost had it done and working well but then scr

Special perks like the increased loot quality from the Christmas event 2 years ago.

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For the Christmas event, since we have Raptor Claus and Gacha Claus, who are the giving spirits of the season, how about an antagonist?

Krampus Raptor, a corrupted raptor who wears a santa hat and goes around bringing terror to all the naughty survivors on the arks. He would accompanied by evil pegomastax servants who steal your gifts and wreck your holiday decorations. Defeating them gives you a special item, that could be used to summon the Dodorex, or given to Gacha Claus for high end loot.

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What I would really like in this event is to actually get some loot out of the drops. its freaking hurting how annoying it is to actually get some presents, there is always someone faster at looting the drops. Even when raptor-klaus drops the presents right in front of my little base people are going to steal it there is no x-mass feeling whatsoever there is only anger and sadness, its so damn frustrating...

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No Raptor Claus next year and no more drop based events like this, please. In theory good event idea but, unfortunately everyone isn't playing fairly. Hard to compete with these greedy people who are using instant drop clearing methods, who come and instantly steal the drop. Not even fun at all. At this point, I don't even bother with going after these drops as it is one giant waste of time and on-top of this the 30 minute plus fight (after Raptor Claus is gone) everyone has in general chat channel on servers has gotten very, very old, as this seems to be happening on a lot (if not all) official servers.

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I've been enjoying the presents and the addiction to trying to get all the rare chibis! ;__; But I guess I'm lucky, I play on two really great servers that for the most part, are super considerate of others when it comes to the presents. We all are respectful if someones there at a gift first, and we move onto the next one. Definitely have had a couple people steal, but our server calls them out and we give them a taste of their own medicine lol.

 Though on my Rag server, it's a completely different story and I don't even bother playing there at this point. The amount of toxicity in one server is insaneeeeee, and truly very pathetic lol. Really sad to see so many not getting to enjoy the event, purely because there are so many toxic, greedy players out there. :[ I suppose we gotta just try and enjoy the event as best as we can though! 

Anddddd, Merry Christmas to everyone!



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I would like to see fair events that are not dominated by the veterans.  Limit the prizes to one per person per game week. Spread them out more to all spawn points not just the hard one.  Make them reachable by all range of players.  Chibi are only really available to wyvern fliers due to distance to find and get to presents.  Just kept young players from being involved in the event.

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