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Weigh In: What do you look for in events?

What do you look for in events?  

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  1. 1. What do you look for in events?

    • Boosted Rates
    • A Fitting Theme
    • Unique Skins
    • Unique Items
    • Random Colored Dinos

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I've been making event mods for quite a while.

People generally want:

  • To decorate their bases (without grinding for materials -- the first Christmas forced everybody to fight for Santa drops for days, just to build a single Christmas tree)
  • Fight new monsters (Dodo Rex, Dodo Wyvern, Zombie Dodos, etc)
  • New ways to get cool loot (Santa drops, etc)
  • New dinos and new items, such as Flying Brooms during Halloween (like I've done in ARK Hallows Eve, etc)


Feel free to look through my mods for ideas.   I submitted these for sponsorship, but there didn't seem to be any interest for some reason.

ARK Hallows Eve:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1167006915

  • Dynamically generated Graveyards which have:
    • Erie smoke clouds with custom suspense music
    • Randomly generated gravestones that can be searched, revealing a custom skeleton monster or an admin-configurable loot chest.
  • Flying Brooms
    • Multiple types
    • User-configurable Glowbugs that flutter around the broom, to make it easy to find at night
    • Can fish while on the broom
    • Speed and flight/ground abilities are fully admin configurable
    • Can be picked up and carried in inventory after you land
  • Skeleton Costumes for Players
  • Candy Baskets (Randomly gives "Trick" or "Treat" candies.  Tricks make you do something silly, and Treats give you buffs)
  • All the holiday skins/decorations that are fully resizable
  • Clown Balloons that pop when you hit hard objects.   Can be used to apply Torpor to teammates, so you can put on a clown mask and jump your friends  😃
  • Custom music player for the Fear Evolved theme music
  • etc, etc

Autumn Feast:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207997302

  • Added wild Turkey spawns.   Turkeys are tamable and breedable.
  • Build the special "Double Barreled Poultry Pulverizer" (shotgun) to hunt birds
    • Insta-gibs Argents, Terror-Birds, Dodos, and Turkeys
    • When a bird is shot with the gun, no XP is given, the bird explodes in a poof of features, and it drops a custom "Bird Carcass"
    • Pluck the Bird Carcass for Feathers (used to craft skins, such as the Chieftain hat)
  • Deep Fryer
    • Placed plucked bird carcasses in the fryer, along with veggies, and craft Autumn Feasts!
    • Autumn Feasts can be placed on tables, and contain a certain number of Servings based on the size of the bird used
  • Players can place plates on tables, and clicking a plate will pull a Serving from a nearby feast.   Clicking the plate again will eat the Serving.
  • Eating Autumn Feasts gives you a "Stuffed - Digesting!" buff, which slowly gives the player food/water over time as they digest.  It also increases their insulation stat slightly, because they're fat now.  xD

Holiday Delight:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822564503

  • Added all of the Winter Wonderland decorations back into the game, and added some new ones.
  • Players can build and sit on a custom Santa Sleigh for fun/screenshots
  • Custom music player (Holiday Delight Wreath) plays the WInter Wonderland music
  • The Snowman has been overhauled to produce snow in the area, and all of his sockets have been overhauled to allow every helmet in the game to snap to his head.
  • Holiday Stockings have been fixed to allow player names
  • The gift-wrap present has been updated/fixed, and now include custom sounds/effects when opened
  • etc, etc



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Honestly, the world-event bosses. I miss fighting the Dodorex and Dodowyvern. Also lost all my remaining Zombie Wyverns a while ago. 

Even seeing a few bosses per event, like a Bunny Boss for Easter, Rex-Claus for Christmas, and maybe a heart-broken Giga or something for Valentines. Event bosees would make me play more during events. A dinos colors don't really interest me if their stats are low and I have to breed them out. 

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Unique skins you actually have to earn (omg you got a skeleton wyvern skin!!! - they were nearly impossible to obtain for new players) alongside easier skins (candy corn drops).

Unique things happening (the autumn colored trees were amazing)

The arkaelogy bone piles were fun

Don't handout stuff that you used to work hard for (colorful breedeable dinos, why not restrict event colors to non-breedeable dinos? )

Please remember that in pve you will cause bad blood with events like raptor claus. Especially when people who have never played on your server before join and are being sausages. So maybe give stuff you can't transfer?

I wouldn't mind some more stuff to put on artifact pedestals and wall trophies. How about mini-bosses?

Zombie wyvern and dodo skins!! Or bring back the fear evolved you actually had to fear and make Them tameable that way again.

A good mix of easy stuff and harder to obtain things is always nice.


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39 minutes ago, Cedric said:

Can you elaborate on this?

During raptor clause people on pve get very toxic pure greed name calling in global just stupid petty nonsense it's hard to explain until you live it but it gets salty because people want all the loot to themselves and when they dont they get nasty

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I honestly like all the stuff I really miss the first Halloween event you guys did that was epic and took a lot of work and it showed the ones that followed showed less work and more of I don't know if it was time crunched or what but was a lot less eventful it was cool seeing the tombstones the pumpkin patches and the scarecows and being able to place them around your base and the dodorex having a chance to show up it scare the heck out of me in a good way lol 

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1 hour ago, Cedric said:

Can you elaborate on this?

I also have seen this now in no way in heck iam I saying get rid of it I really like this event staple and just wish there was more then one raptor giving out the gifts or a way where they where be enough prizes for all or just keep it how it is people need to learn its a game stuff happens honestly

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While I fully understand why people are spamming 'boosted rates' this shouldnt be the focus of an event (ok maybe for valentines). For those of us on Unofficial increased rates focused events are kinda pointless as a main focus. The focus should really be on themed events what ever form that might be with 'boosted rates' being an added perk to the event. Am thinking back to the glory days of events such as Fear Evolved, Original winter wonderland etc. While I do love the coloured dinos (really I do), the constant use of it as a central theme gets a bit old. 

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Posted (edited)
6 minutes ago, Qrr said:

I loved it when the world map would change, like the first winter/halloween events where the island seasonally changed.
I also miss new items xC

I dont think i have ever experienced the map changes, I would love to see this.

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I personally like all of the things above. My favorite being coloured dinos but I feel that will get stale eventually.
While I know adding new dinos is probably out of the question maybe add new variants of dinos? Like how chronicles added tek dinos. Maybe even add variants that are only available to tame during the event? Like someone above said turkey.. Maybe make those spawn instead of dodos on christmas/thanksgiving for example? Or something like new markings on dinos? Gives us tamers and breeders something new and fun to do.

I never got to experience the old event bosses back in the days dodorex etc and it'd be very cool if those came back.

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