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Weigh In: What do you look for in events?


What do you look for in events?  

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  1. 1. What do you look for in events?

    • Boosted Rates
    • A Fitting Theme
    • Unique Skins
    • Unique Items
    • Random Colored Dinos

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On 5/8/2019 at 8:51 PM, KrakenOverlord said:


people these days are too soft for dodowyvern/rex, LOL. Can you imagine how many oceans we could make with the salt from people getting wiped by those things again?

Easy fix - craftable scarecrow of sorts that you can make from special eggs, candies or other event related stuff. You then place it on your roof for example and it scares dodorex/wyvern away. So people who want nothing to do with it can protect themselves without too much effort.


About skins...

Why no love for shoes? C'mon guys, where is my birthday suit gloves and shoes? There are tons of masks, but footwear only have 1-2 variations? Combat boots, bunny slippers, crocs to piss everyone off!


Another thing that is not mentioned is breaking the routine in general.

Spawning cave creatures on surface was hell for newcomers and megalosaurus with my argent in its mouth despawned along with it without any trace in log, still it was something unusual while didn't required making tons of new content which is only used once a year. Would like more simple, but unique stuff like that. 

- lystros and dodos becoming aggressive, also higher speed and damage for them to spice it up

- cursed pumpkins/flowers that apply random temporary effect on proximity(diarrhea, swamp fever, rareflower "kick me" thingie)

- being outdoor at night applying effect similar to rareflower for specific specie(troodons anyone?) and can only be overridden by special skin or keeping "garlic" item inside inventory

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On 10/9/2019 at 3:50 PM, Cedric said:

Says who? :)

Werewolf variant for shapeshifter next Halloween? (Maybe jokingly it could transform from a small dog shoulder pet or better just keep it permanently in the enraged state) kind of like how we had the zombie wyverns. Also maybe a ghost skin for HLNA.


I feel like if we didn't get that it would be such a missed opportunity.

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Release servers that players can't build on but can hunt for dinos on. Adding camping tents with storage and beds inside just for events.

Alot of servers like Rag are always tame capped during event's, stopping players from being able to go out and search for tames. Having unbuildable servers forces players to tame without traps. Having a server full of wild dinos, untamed and unexplored land will feel more dangerous with just a camping tent filled with your kibbles, naro's, cryopods and such. Forcing players to think about where they place their tents and offer unique challenges on taming creatures that many long time players don't experience anymore. The threat of trying to tame on a cliffside, praying that the giga wouldn't be able to reach you. Once the event is over its closed till the next event. You could make it Rag servers that could never get capped. Servers could be even swapped out once an event to allow players to get a taste of a dlc or having more tame selection like the island.

This allows players on tame capped servers to enjoy the event dino's.

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Let there be event items that can last past the event, the fairy christmas lights, halloween coffins and love event decorations. More decorations in general, a spooky halloween throne, a love bed, halloween skull trophies, dino bone furniture and so on. So players can customise their bases. Yes this is more of a pve thing but for the pvp players you could make love event pink handcuffs, candycane cages maybe be able to behead dead players bodies, so you can stick their heads on the wall like a trophy.. just throw bunny ears or christmas hat on them..

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Boosted rates for baby raising would be awesome. Cool skins would be nice too. But decorations for the map would be great. Just something different than the normal grind. Actually I think they should have 2x raising as part of the weekend event. I hate taming, so the weekend is just metal run after metal run for me. 

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I like the unique coloured dinos. I only ever seem to find low level cool colours which has always put me off breeding them but now I have high level tames I can see that it's just as easy to breed for stats and then breed colours in. I also like the colours to fit the event theme, would be nice to have another purple and blue event or better yet a purple and green event.

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I would like to see an invasion/defense event. You have received cryptic messages of a coming reoccupation from the long absent creators of the ark and you have little time to build up your forces before they return with unique dino/robot/alien mobs. Drive them back and defend your new home. Maybe you could get some unique non-craftable/repairable items, or some one time only un-breedable tames. Several opportunities are possible. 

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