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Shoulder Dinos


A suggestion I made a few years back I really though would take on a life of it's own is ........Roost (or Rails) for shoulder dinos.

Personally as i breed most of these I find it damn frustrating that all you can do is roughly aim at a location hit "F"twice and hope that they land in about the area you want knowing full well that they are just gonna end up scattered all over the place.

Yes I have used benches against walls as well as tables in the same way but without a huge amount of patience (which I do not have) it's impossible to get a nice, neat, uniform placement of my Jerboas, otters, buldogs, shinehorns, etc etc

If it was just a matter of walking up to a bench already in the game, Holding an action key down and selecting "Roost dino" or with a bit more coding creating a whole new place able item, A pet roost or rail that interacted in the same way Suddenly my breeding rooms are so much more organized and they eggs / feces is easier to be collected


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Reptilian said:

Hmm Really though there would have been some interest in this suggestion

Must have gotten lost amongst discussions, and they take time to build up votes

good idea

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3 hours ago, Reptilian said:

Huh seems I forgot about promoting this one...................................COME ON @Cedric add this to the QOL list.


Just has a vision of walking into my tradeing station down a hallway with levels of shoulder dinos turning their heads as i walk by

Considering they have wiped people on PvE for having too many small dino's, as they consider it intentionally capping the server, not to mention with the introduction of cryopods, people don't want a base full of lights on display. It may be the reason people aren't high on the idea.

They introduced cryopods and taxidermy stands/tools to help combat dino cap. This way you can breed your creatures then display the really cool ones without clogging up server tame limit.

Would make little sense to add a structure designed to promote the display of lots of tiny dino's.

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