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Aberration Ideas #1: Light Pets



The Brightcrab are Small Crabs that eat Fish and Aquatic Mushrooms that can be found in Areas where there is Water. When tamed (Passive Tame), they prefer to Rest on the Head of a Survivor, which can allow survivors to equip another shoulder pet on their shoulders.


The Fireslug is a Unpleasant sight for many Carnivores. If killed and eaten, their damage, stamania and speed decrease for about 25 seconds. they're a passive tame and work as an early game Achatina, releasing a cemeting paste called Fireslug Paste. However, it can be eaten but will cause the same effect, just for 10 seconds.


The Hornbill Drake is the most passive of all Draconis species. Like Hornbills, these feathered Dragons will on the Treetops. When tamed (Passive Tame), they alert survivors of high-level Predators or Nameless.


Rockwell's Butterfly is the most mysterious lifeform on Aberration. Living in areas where Molten Element is present, Rockwell's Butterfly are immune to the Climate and Radiation that roam the area. When tamed (Passive Tame), they love resting on Players heads and even create silk and harvest Rare Flowers and even Plant Species seeds.


Lantern Shrew is the only creature that produces light but can't be on shoulders or ridden. Like the Hyeanodons (Which is a similar size) on the Island, Lantern Shrews work as a Pack and can't be ridden by survivors but work as Light pets, but in a Feeding frenzy, wild versions of these predators fight each other. If killed, all meat inside their bodies rot quickly into spoiled meat. When tamed (Knock Out Tame), a pack can find weakened or injured animals. Their also able to climb walls that Ravagers can't climb on. However, their food drops so fast that Survivors need to give them food to survived.


Let me know about my Ideas for New Light Pets

ARK Aberration Ideas 1.jpeg

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Upvoted. Tons of cute ideas and I love that you even added drawings. I'll add that Brightcrab could offer some sort of armor bonus. I just don't see the positive if the Lantern Shrews kill each other in the wild.

Aberration is really the best DLC for shoulder pets. I'm not sure if WildCard is willing to add to already released DLC (especially if one of the creatures adds mats from another DLC, re: silk), but it's worth a try.

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