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New Ark we are not alone!


Hi Davion here

On  every ARK so far we have been alone. What if this time we where not alone.
I see huge potential in having AI tribes in the game for various purposes.

Sanario 1,

3 classes of tribes that evolve along side the players though the 5 stages/tiers of technology

The stage of a tribe is determent by the crafting station of that tier 
1-spawn til the smithy is complete
4-Any of the :Industrial Forge/Chemistry Bench/Industrial Cooker
5-Tek Replicator

#Note even if the crafting station is destroyed the tribe have still achieved this stage of technology

lets call the 3 classes

Gamma Tribs would be passive /pve tribes that focus on trading, gathering and taming can be hired as extra muscle for rare resources gathered far away from there native location

Beta Tribs would be neutral / pvp tribes that defend there territorial when attacked, will be aggressive to stage 3+ tribes attacking with dinions and stage 4 weapons(max. level 40)

Alpha Tribs would be aggressive/ pvp tribes that actively attack the larges stage 4+ tribe on the server with dinos, flyers ppl and stage 5 weapons (will only use tek engrams that is available to the tribe)

Scenario 2

Tribes are the guardians of the artifacts and have build temples around them each of them reflecting the guarded artifact.
The tribe chief of each tribe har learned to harness a pertion of its element power.
Tribes are neutral til near temple og Chief is engaged
Cheif artifacts are destoyed upon its masters death

examples of tribes

Sky tribe: Guards the artifact of the Heavens
Tribe special. Flyers, gliders /reduced fall speed
Tribe Chief rides a large Lighting whyven with the Pike of the Heavens.
Pike of the heavens: Lightning beam(same as wyven), chain-lightning(fires a bold of lightning if it hits a target chains to nearmy enemys reducing dmg by 50% per arced target. 

Tribe of the Sea: Guards the artifact of the Deep
Tribe special: Underwater beathing/scooper gear, marine Dinos
Tribe Chief rides a large Tusoteuthis with the Trident of the Deeps
Trident of the Deep: Force pulse(pushing every 1 around away in a bobble), Army´s of the deep call upon nearmy Marine life to attack 

Tribe of Darkness. Guards artifact of  the Dead
Tribe Special. Berow, can summon nameless
Tribe Chief rides a large Reaper King with the Bow of Agony
Bow of Agony: fires poison in a spray 180 degree , grating high amounts of torpor. Call of the shadows summons 3 packs of random Shadow minions. 

More comming soon Davion

Edited by Davion

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