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Wild wyverns literally fall out the sky...DEAD.

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I have never seen anything like it. I purposefully avoided going near the trench (scar) until I was ready to steal eggs/trap females/get milk.


Private dedicated server, Rrnning only S+ mod, singleplayer settings and max difficulty (setting 10, yielding L-300 Max wild dinos)


So whenever I kite ANY wyvern out of the trench, within seconds it LITERALLY drops from the sky,  dead.




Just astounded and clueless on how to fix this. Cant get milk from dead Wyverns, Well, the Alpha Fire but have not seen one yet.




After further testing, it appears to only be occurring near coordinates 56-15.


If I bring out a wyvern from the scar chasing me elsewhere and fly any direction EXCEPT that area, it (at least thus far) appears to not aversely affect the wyvern. But If I turn towards that area (on the desert surface area) soon as I get close to those coordinates, the wyvern falls dead out of the sky.  Note this effect is ONLY affecting Wyverns. Any other wild creature in this area is unaffected.




I believe I have isolated the issue.


It *IS* a bug, and not sure if its tied to S+ or not. My base in the area is at 54.9-11.9 I have a large compliment of S+ Plant X on the roof. That being said, the Wyvern Trap is right at that 56-15 area. Way....WAY too far away for the plant X to reach it.  It's got to be at least 150 foundations away, or more (just a guess)  

As I shortened the Plant X firing range, I could tell the Wyverns could get closer before dying, Still to far away for the green ball shots to even render, UNTIL I lowered it to "low" Then I could at least see the plants shooting at them, but the distance this was happening was still beyond what a "normal"  "high" distance would be.


It's like the Plant X has a "super range boost" or something. Perhaps tied to the max=10 difficulty??


If I put them all to sleep completely, the bug vanishes.  If I turn on just a few plants (remember they are set to LOW) it will kill the wyvern in the trap.


The pic I just attached shows the plants to my right and way up on the hill (furthest away) you can see the trap itself.


No way in heck the plants should be able to reach that far on low, but they do. And that is the bug! 


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