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best xbox one server Fun Ark | Best PVP Server of 2016 | Datacenter, 24/7, 6x Stats, Very Friendly


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Fun Ark 
Best PVP Server of 2016
100% Up-Time, Very Friendly, 24/7, 6x Stats/Taming/etc.

Gamertag - SouthPhoenix769

Server Name - Funark 24 7 PVP 6x

( Add Gamertag to join game directly. Please allow 10 mins - 3 hrs MAX to be added back, you may also post your Gamertag in this thread )

Great community with great people, if you love to have fun, play PVP and build out your craziest dreams. You have come to the right server! This server is running at a datacenter with more than 350mb/s download speed. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact me directly or put a chat in the server. Also, please report any "douchy" players that are ruining everyones fun in the world chat. Look froward to having you join our Ark Community!

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13 minutes ago, AirierSiren5385 said:


sounds fun one question is there Roleplaying?


I am having trouble finding your gamertag, if you could please double check the spelling. If this gamertag is correct, please send me a message as well as add the server gamertag, SouthPhoenix769. I will add you ASAP, this server does not currently have Roleplaying but we are open to it :)

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6 minutes ago, MiloshMoor said:

I dont get much time to play so a stable 24/7 6x server sounds like the perfect place for me .. please add me, i would love to be a part of this ark community ..  gt - Milosh Moor

I am happy that we could accommodate this for you! You have been added, don't forget to tell your friends :).

5 minutes ago, sysum said:

Sounds like fun do you have character downloads enabled?

Unfortunately, we do not have character downloads atm. This may be something that is done in the near future though.

5 minutes ago, SamsonSimpson88 said:

Sounds good...



You have been added as well, don't forget to tell your friends :).

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