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New DLC suggestion - Warp Zone


Map name : WArp Zone


The idea behind this DLC thought is that the map has pockets of distorted space.

This map should be a land locked map (similar to scorched earth) with lakes and flooded cave systems for water creatures.

Each zone of the map will have their own challenges;

Green zone

This zone will be full of rich vegitation, lots of tall plants such as bamboo, and redwoods. Wood and Bamboo will be plentiful meaning it is the ideal stater zone. Bamboo will be a unique plant where you can harvest fibre, berries, thatch, Bamboo and even water from them. Bamboo will be a wood substitute but will also have its own items that require bamboo exclusively (Bamboo structures and drainage systems.) 

Also the green zone will be full of the taller creatures of the map , a number of new creatures ideal for the new survivors perfectly fitted to this zone's challenge.

That challenge is reduced gravity. This is why the plants and creatures grow larger. As you could imagine this allows you to jump higher and farther than normal, run in a slightly accelerated rate, this could also bring up the first problem with the zone for players and you can over shoot where you want to go if you are not careful or slight bumps can send you flying in to the air for a hard landing, also items weigh less in this zone.

The zone will be littered with small flyers and near flying dodos (thats right with their increased speed and reduced gravity they are able to take flight if only for a few seconds).

To balance out the zone there will be next to no advanced resources such as oil, obsidian, crystal and yes you guessed it metal this forces you to explore the other zone which are rich in these resources.

Lakes and cave systems will aslo have a unique attribute which is methane bubble zones within the water , these will cause survivors to have a poisoning effect that drains oxygen and stamina (to any unprepared survivor )for as long as they are in the bubbles that will last for 5 seconds after you escape them. Also troublingly methane reduces buoyancy causing you to fall below the surface of the water and unable to resurface while still in the bubbles. Primitive snorkling gear can help fight these effect (Primative flippers made from hide, a leaky but better than holing your breath air tank made from hide). The cave systems that house the artifacts are found in the depths of these lakes.

Green zone creatures

Land creatures

Brontos, Diplos, Brachies (larger AOE than Bronto but no platform saddle), Parasaur, dodo, Lagomorph (fast mount), Dimophodons, Tropical birds, Dinocerata (Replace Wooly Rhino), Baryonyx, Utahraptor (bigger, higher health pool and damage but slower) , Dilos, pteranadons.


Piranha, Sabertooth salmon, Coel, Barraccuda ( Very fast , Moderate Damage , Low health, Not rideable), Kronosaur (Small Mosa , No platform saddle) ammonites, trilobites, eels, Hag fish (creates bio-oil), Icthysaurs, Mackrel shark (Small megalodon)


Blue zone

This zone is a hot area with intensified gravity. This causes you to decimate your water reserves as a combination of the heat and extra effort to move wear you down. Oil and crystals are plentyful in this area with moderate metal and obsidian but with the increased gravity you can't carry what you would like to. Trees can be found in numbers here but they are small and give half the normal trees value of wood and thatch. Although this area seems harsh in many ways it is redeemed by the fact tha a quick dip in the waters of this area although hot , relax you and boost healing and stamina regeneration for 5 seconds with a cool down period between dips where the water will cause harm by scalding you. The waters are shallow in this region being home to only a few coel. The cliffy terrain makes items such as the grappling hooks and climbing picks a must have item. The cave systems entrances in this region are high up making climbing or flying the only way to them. These cave systems have steep walls and sudden drops making for a dangerous time while exploring them. Leading deep down to a lava filled area is home to these artifacts and many unfriendly creatures.


Blue zone creatures

Land creatures

Doedicurus, Ankyolosaurus, Carnotaurus, edmondasaurus ( Tanky, heavy hitting Iguanadon), Therozinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Megalania, Megalosaurus, thylacoleo, Argetinasaurus ( Aggressive Diplo that stomps on any foe it sees), Argentavis, tapejara, Titanaboa, pulminoscorpius, Araneo, Kaprosuchus





Red zone

Of all the Arks to exist this one's red zone is the strangest and most brutal of all. With eratic weather patterns that change randomly through time you must be prepared for any situation in this zone. The "weather" cycles through : High gravity, Low gravity, Rain storm, Dust storm, Electrical Storm, Radiation Storm, Mega Heat, Mega Freeze, Earthquakes, Fog and normal weather randomly making it hard to live in this area but possible with a TEK weather sheild that degrades over time with each storm requiring regular repairs. The creatures in this zone also have advantages and disadvantages in their respective weathers. Once you overcome the initial struggle of the red zone the wealth makes it worth it. Although there is no ground water in pools or lakes there are a couple of veins for water, gas and oil. No vegatation of any kind exists here either mean Herbivores don't last long in the wild. Littering the entire landscape are the rarest material that are no longer rare to you : Metal, Obsidian, Element, Oil, Crystal, Black Pearls can be mined in abundance here as long as the residing creatures are dealt with first. Each resource has a "guard" creature if you will that lives in the area. Metal is all over and is "guarded" by Rex and Yutaranus. Obsidian Resides in the Gigas home. Element is found near the Reapers and Reaper Queens. Oil and Crystals are found near the Wyverns ( all forms) Nesting area and the Black Pearls are within the nest of the Rock Drakes. Seeing as this area will be a challenge in itself there is no cave system for the artifacts to hide in , the ones in this zone are out in the open but hidden near the dangers.

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