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Bugs magic mini bosses and water creatures


I know a lot of people like new land dinos but the water feels sorta empty I can swim for a while and not see anything, so I think we should add either more aquatic creatures or just fill up some space with the ones we already have, 

we live in a world of dinosaurs so giant bugs are a thing but we don’t have as much, you can add a giant caterpillar, gasbags don’t count caterpillars can’t fart and fly but you can count that, you can add sea scorpions, dragonfly’s, differ spiders, different patterns on the moths wings, that would be really cool cause we need variety, 

 magic, we are in a world of dinosaurs, there are probably magical sights on earth like Bermuda Triangle, so you can add mysterious water events,  where our gps can malfunction during certain parts of the day, another thing is a thunderbird, where you see it fly over head dropping its food which could be treasure for us, but make sure it’s not tame-able because there so huge, but hey we have titans so maybe, 

My final topic mini bosses, that would roam around if a survivor would come, they would have to fight it, because they are faster stronger and harder to get away from, but droop rarer loot depending on the more mini bosses you defeat, you can add like a thunder bird for the sky, maybe in the scorched realms phenix, swamp giant leeches, mountains giant mountain lions, ocean giant fish, and anywhere with a forest would be a bear, 


easiest is leeches, to phenix, to mountain lion, to giant fish, to thunderbird, and hardest bear. 

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