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The Interview

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I’m 17 live in the U.S I’m lvl 105 I can do everything in ark but I’m better at building and pvp than farming breeding and taming but I can do it I can be on almost everyday I’m up late in my time zone the reason I left my last tribe is because my my leader and I was co leader kicked everyone out because he decided to merge with a Nox tribe so he took everything what I’m looking for in a tribe is to be the best on our server but with rules I would like to be allayed with everyone on our server and not to raid or grief in our own server that’s the problem with big tribes they like to wipe everyone off the server there on then they have no ally’s to help them when there getting hot hard my

My PSN: RedDeadPig 

 if I get accepted I have like 4 or 5 other people that will gladly join 

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