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market In-game Trading/Market System



In-game Trading/Market System



Flexibility to trade-in game with dinosaur trades and item trades. Trade ability Cross servers within the clusters applicable to the server.


*(Only ideas/suggestions, WC-balancing would be key factor with implementation)
This potentially could be applicable at level 53+ with introduction to electricity and other needed components.

  • More interactive playing, within the community.
  • Safe trading, increasing the enjoyment for everyone


Example: Player opens interactive market, player has Rex they would like to add to the market, they upload the Rex to the market which they display price with 2k ingots. The buying player now will see the Rex in the market along with Rex Stats and trade value being 2k ingots being this example.

The example is only a basic concept,  these a lot more potential for the Trading/Market system in-game. If you like the idea of such a system feel free to leave a vote, also please add your ideas and suggestion, this concept is for the community and I personally would love to hear them.

Happy Hunting,

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This would be an awesome addition.

I know there are probably a dozen or so mods out there that work with something similar, but as an xbox player... there really isn't any way to make a trade with someone besides meeting up, and either placing the items in a storage box or tossing them to one another/unclaiming them. 

From a PVE console players perspective this would be a gamechanger in so many ways. It would be an awesome way to build a community market/center that people could access whenever they have a moment and not be restricted to a time frame. 

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