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pvp [PVP] [PC] 1000x | 3 Man | ARK Eternal FUqN Chaos [USA]

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FUqN Ark Cluster!


New 1000x CENTER PvP Chaos Server.

Currently running Ark Eternal with other quality of life mods.

Please check out all discord server information to stay up to date with all announcements and notifications from Admins

We do have a custom shop for kits. Just type /kit in game or /shop. 
Full on base kits to get you started and defended right away.
Starter kits to rival most endgame gear and much much more!
/shophelp for list of Commands in game.

Awesome mods, great settings, and ingame shop.

Kits available right away, just /kit when you get ingame!

Player Max lv 200

Wild dinos 300 + 150 after tame

3 man tribes

Unlimited Mindwipes



LOOTCRATES- 10 different 100% custom lootcrates

Join our discord for more information, links and all other things related to FUqN Gaming | https://discord.gg/sH2pNNN

I hope to see you on Discord!


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