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so this is the section for the ocean DLC where we will post the best ideas that are mentioned on the local forum.

Ark oceanic DLC


1.    Giant electric ray: is summoned down near the element river, shoots lightning at you, summons mantas to its aid in battle.


2.    King whale: summoned in the ship grave yard, summons sperm whales and basilos to its aid in battle.


3.    Kraken: summoned In arklantis/underwater tek city, summons tusoes, and small squids to its aid in battle.


4.    Giant shark: summoned in the corral reef, summons megalodons and helicoprions to its aid in battle


5.    Leviathan: summoned in the toxic sea, summons dakosaurus, water wyverns and sea drakes to its aid in battle



1.    Underwater tek city: once home to the arklantian tribe, once a beautiful landscape with a specialy built forcefield to keep water out of the city, now a destroyed and abandoned wreck


2.    Deep abyss: a large immensely deep crack running throughout the ark, only the biggest and baddest creatures dwell down here.


3.    Dako trench: nest of the dakosaurus, located in the deep abyss.


4.    Refuge island: the largest landmass on the map, home to 90% of the land fauna on the ark.


5.    Corral reef: a shallow watered habitat home to an abundant of sea life


6.    Swamp: located to the south of refuge island, the swamp is full of nasty creatures and not for the feint hearted.


7.    Mangrove swamp: located next to the swamp, a more passive and beautiful place, contains more friendly creatures.


8.    Giant iceberg: a gaint iceberg connecting to refuge island.


9.     Underground cave system: a network of caves underneath refuge island and its surrounding area, contains moon pools leading out to the water.


10.                       Toxic sea: a sea filled with toxic water, theorized to be the cause of the element lake with surrounding element nodes.


11.                       Wyvern corral dome nest: a corral dome housing a hive for water wyverns, located in the toxic sea.


12.                       Underwater mountain: a Gargantua mountain under the sea, home to the hive of sea drakes.


13.                       Underwater volcanoe: an underwater volcanoe surrounded by a circular like shaped trench with volcanic vents at the bottom: the water is poisonous due to toxic volcanic chemicals being released out of the vents, home to a nest of water wyverns.


14.                       Underwater forest: a forest consisting of aquatic trees along with other aquatic fauna.


15.                       Seagrass plains: a underwater field of seagrass, located close to the coral reef. Home to grazing aquatic life.


16.                       Kelp forest: a forest of kelp, home to hunters which prefer to stalk their prey, located near the underwater forest.


17.                       Whale/ship grave yard: a graveyard consisting of sunken ships and scattered whale skeletons.


18.                       Element crevasse: a small crevasse in the toxic sea obtaining am element lake at the bottom with rocks seeping element surrounding it.


19.                       Sandbars: sandbars are scattered through out the area surrounding refuge island.


20.                       Giant Underwater air pocket: giant air pockets containing life.



1.    Sea/ hydro wyvern: an aquatic based wyvern suited for water based habitats, can shoot a scalding hot hydro blast that can peirce armour and inflict a scalding affect heating up the victim and causing health loss, can also utilize a sonic blast that can stun creatures and riderless players. When leaving the water it loses hydration. Water wyverns can be obtained by stealing an egg from their hives.


2.    Sea drakes: an aquatic counter part of the cave dwelling         rock drake, gain a small pack bonus, they live in a hive in the giant underwater mountain, there are two ways to tame them: steal an egg and hatch it up, or feed them sea wyvern eggs.


3.    Sperm whale: a giant whale found dwelling in the deep abyss and ship graveyard, able to be seated with a twenty man seater, gains an attack and defence buff against squids. Fed by knocking out and feeding it  Tusoteuthis Tentacle’s.


4.    Dakosaurus: a large sea reptile related to the mosasaur, it can barrel roll in the water sending anything contacted flying, obtained by stealing an egg and feeding it dakosalt obtained by knocking out a male dakosaurus or sucssesfully killing an alpha dakosaurus. Their trench is found in the south part of the deep abyss.


5.    Predator X: referred to as the sea equivalent of a giga this literal monster is said to be untameable yet few have succeeded. Due to their high aggression to even their own kind only one will exist on the ark at a time. Able to grab onto creatures for a few seconds giving it time to use its thrashing attack causing bleed and crippling. Tamed by being knocked and fed dakosaurus meat a rare drop obtained by hunting dakosaurus.


6.    Helicoprions: a shark with a strange feature, this shark has a Buzzsaw looking structure to its mouth, when tamed it can efficiently harvest high quality chunks of meat, in battle it can also inflict a bleed attack


7.    Archleon: referred to as the healer of the sea, it has the ability to heal itself and allies in battle, taking reduced damage around the shell this creature is naturally slow yet can use short boosts of energy to dash forward. Tamed by knocking out of passive feeding it biotoxin or sea grass.


8.    Giant gulper eel: this huge eel is feared by everything due to its large appetite, eating anything in its path. It is commonly seen with smaller eels following it around. When tamed it can gulp up small creatures giving it a healing buff. It can ally itself with wild eels in battle. Tamed by dragging dead corpses over to them or in their path of movement.


9.    Hippocampus: the Equus’s sea cousin, it is said that when Equus had no fields to roam they travelled to the water and became hippocampus, able to use a spin attack that causes torpor and a head but attack that can stun small to medium creatures, if approached it will spin or head but the approacher allowing it to flee, tamed by riding it while feeding it sea grass, saddle is used as a mortar and pestle.


10.           Dugon: the cow of the sea this slow and sluggish creature spends its time grazing on the sea grass that flood its seagrass fields home, used as a berry gathering moutn if forced into combat it can smack creatures with its tail crippling them allowing it to flee, tamed by passively feeding it sea grass.


11.           Pakasuchus: a small crocodilian, passive to everything,tamed for their loyal companionship, passively tamed by feeding it fish meat.


12.           Bubble fish: a transparent fish that lives just about anywhere, when tamed it can be worn as a helemet, passively tamed



13.           Cuttle fish:can camouflage it and its rider, is also able to latch onto creatures and drag them. Passively tamed with silica pearls.


14.           stethocanthus: a shark with an anvil shaped lump on its head ,used as a smithy when tamed, knock out tame.


15.           Giant boxer crab: can heal itself using sea anemones, can use a power up punch attack which can damage up to metal and can stun creatures.


16.           Gerrothorax: is the sea equivalent of the purlovia.


17.           Xiphactinus: a fish like creature, gains a pack bonus, can cause a bleed effect, knock out tame.


18.           Deep sea worms: giant sand worms that appear anywhere through out the ocean. Not tameable.


19.           Thalassoleon: seal like creature, warms up players riding it. Passive tame.


20.           Amargasaurus: a smaller sauropod, live in and around water. Passive or knockout tame.


21.           Hatzegopteryx: a smaller similar looking vesion of the quetze: can dive underwater, divebomb and impale creratures and has a multi seater saddle and platform saddle. Tamed by stealing eggs and hatching them up, breedalbe.


22.           Anteosaurus: a carvivorous version of the mochops, an early game mount that can harvest prime meats and plants.


23.           Odonotoceti: a prehistoric dolphin, gains a pod bonus, when gaining a pod bonus


24.           Aigialosaurus: an aquatic iguana, can supply oxygen to the owner, passively tamed with kelp.


25.           Ophiderpeton: giant sea snake, can burrow underground and constrict creatures.










1.    Hide flippers

2.    Small-large platform-sub

3.    Rebreather

4.    New saddles

5.    Aquatic guns

6.    Element pump

7.    Waterproof structures

8.    Torpedoes

9.    Primitive goggles

10.                       Hydropack

11.                       Flipper attachmentsC

12.                       Corral-metal vacyme chambers

13.                       Shocking tranq harpoon





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this is not everything but this is what i have typed.


1. cork wood: substitute for wood

2. corral: used to make corral Armour, and corral structures

3. tube corral

4. stone corral: used as a substitute for wood

5. kelp

6. sea grass

7. plant species O

8. bioluminecent gel: used as a source to make sea lanterns and fuel them.

9. sponge corral: used in crafting waterproof  chambers, 

this is what i can think of, hope this is a good start.

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Ideas provided @MrWafflenator 

These are some ideas i came up with in my own separate post on this forum


The map could have small islands and underwater caves as starting areas (all with building limited to beds, campfires, etc to stop people from making traps or placing turrets). There could be a sunken city, (with a similar style to extinction's city)coral reefs, bioluminescent areas, barren wasteland areas, and maybe a toxic area with pollution that requires a radiation or pollution resistant dive suit and a dino that is either very tanky or is immune to the pollution (similar to reapers and rock drakes in radiation areas on aberration). The main areas (city, biolum, coral reef, etc) would be surrounded by the wasteland areas or just have drop-offs on all sides that either have a kill barrier or non-kill barrier to prevent you from going down. 

Some features and obstacles could include: pressure from swimming too deep (basilosaurus already has this effect), polluted or toxic areas that slowly kill you if you don't have the right gear equipped, extreme hot or extreme cold areas, and maybe underwater currents or cyclones that slow you down or speed you up (depending on which direction you and the current are going).

Some items or gameplay features could include: air skins (like a water skin but with air. Also could have air jars as more of a mid-level between skuba tanks and air skins), salty water jars, canteens, and skins that you have to put in a cooking pot to be able to drink, lower tier vacuum chambers that have a max structure size, rebreathers that makes your oxygen bar go down slower when equipped, handheld torpedo launchers that do massive damage to a single target, hydroelectric power sources, harpoon launchers that work similar to a zipline hook where you shoot a dino then a surface to immobilize the dino for a short period (could use more than one to elongate that time), and a small personal submarine or device that makes you swim faster.

Dinos could include: all current water dinos (and karkinos), diplocaulus, kaprosuchus, sarchosuchus, carbonemys, and maybe a water dragon type dino that must be tamed by immobilizing it using the harpoon gun feature (mentioned before), has a similar design to the water dragon things used in the army in aquaman, and can swim quickly in water, make strong water currents that deal small amounts of damage but either pull or push other dinos, can jump out of the water (similar to manta), and survive and move slowly on land for an extended period of time

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That is a creature i made up on my own. 

This fish is called "Dunkleosteus loricatorum". 

It is a fish, living in the deeper parts of the ocean, roaming the sea, alone looking for smaller prey. 

But with the bone structure like structure that is covering its head, it can hurt and kill creatures bigger than itself. 

It might look slow, because it is slowly swimming around in the ocean, but once it has targeted its prey it can dash forward, to kill its prey by impaled bigger creature with the bones. Smaller prey like fishes or eels are eaten whole. 

It is mostly avoided by other sea creatures, because of its brute bite force and the head and back coverings, which make the Dunkleosteus an almost unkillable creature. The head protecting bones are just bones, but the thick plates on its back are a unknown material slightly stronger than metal. 

It also has a very thick skin, that can protect it from the shocking attacks from the eel and the jellyfish



  • It can dash forward, which leads to bleed on bigger creatures (everything bigger than a basilo) and damage boost of 5% to smaller creatures (everything smaller than a Eel). But it drains stamina and the fish can barely swim into a different direction.
  • With the armor plates and bones, it has a full body protection, which leads to reduced damage.
  • If you manage to kill it, you can get a resource called "fish body plates", which can be used to make a armor slightly better than metal gear, but still weaker than riot gear.
  • Other resources: fish meat, prime fish meat, a lot of keratin
  • "Dunkleosteus bone fragment": a trophy, you get by killing a Dunkleosteus, used to summon the Giant Shark
  • Has immmunity against eels and jellyfish. Still gets damage, but doesnt get affected by the stuns

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