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Change Drag Fish to Feed Taming


For the otter and hesperornis, taming is difficult (as it should be) but it is a hair-pulling, horrible, almost impossible experience because of a few factors that could be easily fixed.

1. "Feed fish to tame" should have a much larger radius around the creature where it is an option. Many times when you drag a fish up to the hesperornis or otter, the fish is large enough that you can't actually feed it to the animal because it gets between you and the animal. Other times, the angle is simply very difficult because the dead fish keeps flopping in the way. Often, the "feed fish to tame" option seems to disappear for no reason. 

2. "Feed fish to tame" should be a different button from open/close door so if you are using a structure to contain the animal you are taming, you don't accidentally release it when trying to feed it.

3. Hesperornis/otter should be able to be picked up by Argentavis/Pteranodon when the pick up untamed creatures setting is enabled.

4. Dead fish that you drag should only have the same weight as what the carcass would drop if you butchered it. It's absurd that you can drag one fish and have it be over half your weight limit.

(Suggestions are ordered in order of importance, really even just fixing #1 would make this fun taming gimmick actually fun instead of rage-inducing.)

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The Argentavis can pick up the otter, chose the option to pick it up in its beak, that way all you need to do is to land the Argentavis some where safe and near water, drag the fish to the otter, and its an easy tame. I believe this doesn't work for Hesperornis as the Argentavis, can not pick up another bird type.

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