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A few ideas I have either wanted or have thought about for ark


Firstly I'm just going to jump to it 

Dino's I would like to see added to ark:

Pterodactyl, brachiosaurus, corythosaurus, minmi, notoceratops, protoceratops, yangchuanosaurus, nothosaurus, protosuchus, anatosaurus, avaceratops, becklespinax, camptosaurus, ceratosaurus, herrerasaurus, heterodontosaurus, lesothosaurus, ouranosaurus and prosaurolophus 

If I kept going we would be here for days I just want to see more Dino's its not everyday u find a fantastic game the revolves around Dino's.

Also I would like to see allot more things to craft like furniture possibly terrariums or even dino heads or ways to put dinos on the wall for eg a sabertooth salmon  possible way to make wires in generators a bit more neater 

Now I'm just going to mention minor stuff possibly more TLC updates for Dino's possibly more mythic creatures like manticore honestly would love to see a tameable hydra or Minotaur oh and would love to see dragonpunk hit console that's a long shot but would provide something to entertain before or after future updates 

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On 4/26/2019 at 7:08 PM, Kodking194 said:

the pteranodon is a pteradactyl, i would love to have brachi's in ark

Pteradons and pteradactyles are 2 completely different Dino's just from same family pterodactyl fly faster and are allot bigger and prone to attack other creatures 

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