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Basically I want cool Dinos.

I think we should be able to region paint tames instead of just warpaint on official servers.

  • It would be less taxing on each server to have to load and intricate warpaint than a 3 to 6 region customization. 
  • it helps quickly pick out tames in a larger tribe
  • it could wear with damage, rain, or time even
  • it would be so easy to implement guys. 
  • Please
  • and also please fix black opacity on tame painting.
  • Or at least more skins, or costumes like the bionic that can be region painted.

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This is a fantastic idea! 

I think you would still need to have the paint colors to be able to do this of course.

Even if you needed to use a special in game paint item like an "airbrush gun" and "airbrush paint" I think it would be totally worth it.

I would still like to keep the war paint option though. And just be able to toggle between region paint and war paint.

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