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ascension Scorched Earth : Ascension (after the boss)



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Scorched needs an Ascension Endgame.

I understand that new content is a good thing, it keeps the game going, but I honestly rather Wildcard go back to their older Content and fix it up. Scorched Earth is practically useless unless you are trying to do a Story Playthrough or getting all the Explorer Notes, which quite frankly people just use a command for on their Singleplayer anyway. There is no point to SE and no one buys it anymore, or puts it on their servers because everything is available on a free map anyway. Not to mention Ragnarok is an incomplete looking map. Various areas of biomes are blank with nothing but dinos spawn (eg the South part of the swamp, various tops of snow mountains etc.) , not to mention various bugs that never have been fixed (Ice wyvern overspawns, LifesLabyrith letters not showing anymore, lava is not friendly to Magmasaurs). The out of the world praise that Rag gets is just so baffling to me.

WC, you've stated you want to make current content better. Then honestly prove it. Because I know a fair amount of people who don't buy SE because Rag has everything but the Phoenix, and the amount of people that care for a Phoenix is little. They even ask why I run SE on my Cluster when Rag is better, which I say "that is your opinion, not mine".

Here, I'll make it easy for you WC, a list of changes for SE, we can call it the "Scorched Earth Revival" plan:
 1 - Add an Ascension, I don't care if its just a Tek Cave like gauntlet with Wyverns in it, make it give 15+ levels upon a Alpha Completion. Extra Levels are something even PvP players would go after.
2 - Add the Ice Wyvern to SE, why mention it in the Managamr dossier if you don't change it to be on SE, Ice Wyverns are not Rag exclusive since they appear on Val too.
3 - Add a unique creature variant for some of the dinos on SE, much like Aberrant Dinos and X-Dinos, call them Desert Dinos and make them immune to Sandstorm and other things of SE, doesn't have to be all of the dinos that appear on the map. They don't have to have any fancy %health/damage changes, just make them immune to certain status effects and give them a desert like colour palete.
4 - Rework the Weather system a little. Sandstorms are stupid, I call it AFK time, make it so if you are wearing Desert/Tek Gear makes you immune to to Sandstorm. Have Tek Teir structures and gear work in an electrical storm.
5 - If you don't want to remove some of the SE dinos from Rag then add some new ones, I can already think of two from a certain mod which is sponsored. The concovanator and Acro are super solid creature that would fit the SE theme. If not make something up, if its a place for a lot of Mythology based creatures then add some of those.

My rant is done. I just think its stupid how Rag gets all the love when its a buggy mess and SE just gets shafted because theres not point to fixing it. People whinge and cry about breeding rates not being high enough for the birthday event we got but when it comes to something like this and people make logic arguements to why SE should be improved get ignored for all of time. I've always sat in the background not minding things as they go along but I'm getting sick of it. It seems that the only way to make a change by WC is to cry the loudest power their salt generators and not make logic arguments based of facts and reasoning.

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Tbh the thing with scorched is that it is an objective disadvantage to live on that map. There are great spots, its a great place to live and many people would probably live in scorched as it has some of the best spots like its caves, 10/10  and other spots that make scorched op. Unfortunately when a generator constantly decays and a certain weather, i.e electrical storms stop tek generators from operating then we have a problem where enemies are able to walk inside your base or simply use a golem since your tek turrets won't shoot which weakens an enemy base significantly compared to you building the exact same base on literally any other map.    These huge disadvantages have created a narrative that people hate scorched when really it was these obvious issues that have given rise to the hate in the early days of scorched and created the misconception that scorched is a bad map. Then Ragnarok destroyed scorched since all you get from scorched is the phoenix and now scorhced is dead because of these issues. Seriously there are 3 things in a scorched tlc wildcard need to do to allow themselves to rescue scorched and make it playable. First, add ascension and 3 new engrams, i suggest , the long forgotten wyvern saddle, the tek forge and maybe some new tek crop plot that can be connected to a pipe, increase growth speed and have the same increase as tek trough. Second, add a couple more mythical creatures that can be useful  in pvp and be EXCLUSIVE  to scorched alone and never be released elsewhere.  And finally  change the electrical storms to only affect weapons and have them not affect things like tek generators and remove the stupid generator decay. 


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18 hours ago, KingofFire105 said:

it is stupid that there is NO ASCENSION ON SCORCHED EARTH. without it its basically incomplete.

Yeah, even though it was PLANNED from the BEGINING. It's honestly so frustrating that wildcard would simply ignore this even though they made sure abberation stayed relavent with Val not have rock drakes and reapers, etc. It's really painful that even after there lawsuit and getting all the money from everything else, they still haven't done a ascension for Scorched Earth! Even though it was meant to happen!

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On 4/24/2019 at 10:45 PM, Cedric said:

but it would probably be better to invest those resources elsewhere on other content.

Imagine "Return of the Jedi" hiting Cinemas, with the last 5 Minutes left out.
And then havin G. Lucas giving that excuse why that is.

Normally i don't pull that Joker but this time it hit's the Spot: we paid for a complete product. A Cinematic that shows a proper Ending belongs to a Story like wheels to a car.

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Even though Rockwell and Helena didn't have to ascend, they did have to visit this Ark's Overseer. So... kinda figure the player should get the opportunity to do that as well. Because right now, this is the only DLC that feels unfinished and it just feels plain lazy that the developers aren't adding an ending of some sort... which is a shame, because the caves on this map are amazing and the lore is really interesting.

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There has been a lot of truths told in this post, which i do find them reasonable and understandable.

However the reality is that Scorched Earth has a DLC does not add any value to the game. I would dare to say it is the worse of the official released DLC's and it is the worse scenario, in which, it can be understood has a complete "Filler DLC" that was planned and specifically released to be a cash grab.

The Developers not wanting, or not, having any plans for it further supports my opinion on this scenario. I have 5000 hours played on this game and before quiting it entirely, I thought it would be completely apropriate to justify my points of view about the game, in this specific scenario, I will share that the issue with Scorched Earth transcends than what has been told already, and goes beyond to the point of meeting the lack of ambitions and lazyness on the developing team, since i believe that resource wise, they do have them, but are not willingly to make the effort or making the investment. 

Which is extremely sad and revolting since through proper logistics and development they could easily gain momentum and be lucrative again.

Has of right now it is understandable that with Ark slowly dying out, by the many mistakes made and continuely being made,  that it is better to jump into a new investment, but that logic does not solve anything, it isn't a solution it is a problem that through time will grow even bigger untill it meets a breaking point.

All I see in these forums are unreliable information and underwhelming hype (that wishes to pass has overwhelming hype) from the both parts (Developers and Clients).

Developers constantly tell promises that are broken, or, corrupted like extinction lore's. There has been to many lies told without discretion, and speeches made without proper knowledge or investigations if the goals were feasible or not.

Do not make promises you ca not keep. Do not apologize if you actually hold and have the power to avoid it, in the first place.

The Clients are another guilty part for having to much patient, being ignorant and easily gullible for any and all declarations coming from the development team.


With that out of my way, I want to ask:

- How many of us actually played Scorched Earth? How many stayed there, for how long and for what reason?

Here's in what I believe it is the reality:

- We played Scorched Earth, WHEN it was released. We stayed there untill we realized how utterly unforgiving and unrewarding it is. We stayed there because it is a awesome and well designed map with exclusive creatures.

If i understood this, then i can say this with confidence: Playing in that map was pointless in the beginning and remains pointless.

The problems far, and really, far outweight the qualities. The exclusivity of creatures on Scorched Earth, was completly shattered with the integration of Ragnarok has an Official DLC with the exception fo the Phoenix. Since THAT was a realization of the Development team, in which it was easily predictable, that Ragnarok would cast a shadow so dark on Scorched Earth, that it would leave a horrible burn on the company.

It was a good move integrating Ragnarok, though a horrible choice due to how it was handled. It was a choice based on making the game relevant which was passed out has the "Developer's Team Work" when it was made from a Mod Developer. This happened just recently, and again, with Structure Plus. The integration was messy and horrible and not at all what they told, promised and US expected.

 I would personally have been deeply embarassed of those things, where my own effort and work was shadowed by other's, but mostly, to protect my ego and recognition for actively pursued the other's work and make it pass has my own.

Surpringly both the integration of Ragnarok and Structures Plus, Before and After, were worked upon in completly different manners. Which makes me wonder, wouldn't be best to not wasting those additional resources on integrating actively supported and loved mods, when you could improve upon the Original Maps and concepts, like Scorched Earth itself?

To simply put, The Phoenix, it ended up has a complete neglectable creature that was left has being irrelevant, either way. I have not seen barely any players actually using it due to its constraints that far outweight the qualities. Honestly it is so much more rewarding the effort of using a quetz or argie with an anky and smelt metal on the refining forge.


The value of Scorched Earth has an DLC falls even shorter when you realize that many of the exclusive resources, tools and weapons are virtually not usable, in the general point of view, in game and by players.
Do you have any use for Raw Salt, besides, crafting Preserving Salt? Couldn't that resource be so much more useful, and relevant for... making new recipes for Jerkys, for example? 
Cactus Sap, Clay, Sand... What do these resources add to the game, beyond their DLC exclusivity? Nothing, really nothing.

In contrast to Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction have a lot more positive qualities since both DLC's introduce new resources, even if they are in the same family tree, these resources are usable beyond their respective DLC Exclusivity. Scorched Earth is an Isolated DLC and worse part is, it is being declared has such.

From all DLC's Aberration is the best Original and Official Map. Despite mistaks and flaws, it is a original, unique and specialized map that thrives to this day. Why?
Everyone knows the answer to that. For me, it is due to the fact that it was, and is the first map that actually supports, holds into its heart and reveals the lore behind the Ark's with its unique design from the map itself to the story that unfolds at the end, which made it into an amazing and thrilling experience.

Scorched Earth does not have that. It is complete lackluster, and we already know how to randomly collect dossier pages from the previous map, The Island.


Scorched Earth contribues has clutter and undesirable mess that is the Engrams distribution through out the levels.
Quite literally between the level 1 and the next 30 to 40 levels, you have so much unnecessary engrams occupying so much space, making the apresentation of the menu completly horrendous and disgusting, and at a later stage a complete and unsatisfying contrast between levels 70 and 100, where there is barely any engrams to explore and learn.

It reaches the point where you just have 1 engram per level, seriously? That is annoying and infuriating to say the least.
Personally, I would love to customize the engrams layout without posting in my Ini files a custom code that renders the game almost unplayable through extreme lag, freezes and crashes.


With this being sad, it is completly disapointing to read the posts from the development team, and these being contradicted by what Players and Clients tell and share.
There is a massive inconsistency that I will never want to participate, nor wish to support ever again, through any means necessary.

In a game I want challenges to overcome, bosses to take down and something that bridges gaps and fills me with the satisfaction of progression and evolution, which in this specific topic, virtually does not exist, and THAT brings out the most negative relevance and aspect of the DLC, the game as a whole and the company who developped it.

It has nothing to do with following the lore, or story, it is exciting to read and know the story. 

But the point is: I bought the game, as such, I want to forge my own Story in the game. THAT is a valuable entertainment asset.
Lay out challenges and difficulties in which players should strife to thrive through their own personal accomplishments and not because "the story told it was done that way".



Scorched Earth needs a complete, yet, simple rework from the very sand you set foot on initialy up-to-the sky where you should warp into Aberration.

- The Ascension could be has simple has Aberration, one epic boss fight (The manticore is already a fearsome and epic creature to face, give it something more unique and special!);

- All Items lay them out, expand their concepts beyond their exclusivity (It is a DLC god's sake, the content should be relevant for all maps, not for a single one - Ragnarok does not count in this aspect, whatsoever since: It isn't a Story, nor an original, driven Map, stop passing it out has it is;

- Developers should give more attention to the Scorched Earth map, due to how many times you have been continously tell, say, declare and promise: That it is your interest in improving the game, adding and expanding the content. Has far has i understand the DLC's are included in such declarations, so achieve what your words mean, in any or every way that is properly fitting and possible for both the game, the development team, players and clients. (New creatures, Resources, Items...)
Do not give the attention out of fear and egotistically, since that was the result of the Phoenix that fell in a dark obscurity and its light was completly vanquished.


There is a lot, seriously a lot to work with what was already developped so far, in that map and the game, that could be explored and expanded upon. 

There are no valid excuses for not having any no plans, nor any consideration to improve a simple DLC, which is part of the game, that, I repeat, the developers constantly tell that it is in "their interest to improve and make it relevant".

If somehow there is a selfish interest in providing justifications and excuses, specially, these being completely and false in nature at that, and the remaining declarations, promises continue to be contradictory in their own words, to the point of being acceptably considered to be complete lies that wish to satisfy the gullible ones, then, the game will lose its course completely, if it has not already - which i believe it has- then what it will is the credibility, recognition and real work that was put into this project.

Which can be understood in a incredibly negative perception, for anyone, past, actual and future player from ever buying the game.

Then again, you will only get, what you cultivate.
I like many players always stood up and supported the game, but not anymore. If there is humility and actual interest in making the effort and doing a proper investment then, has developers, you should do it for yourselves, there is nothing but support and feedback from my, our part. Is it there any from the development team?

I do not expect anything from posting this, so say what you must.
In fact, i expect the negative, either being shot down by something unrelated, or that understandably will not understand and probably never will, since no one wants to teach or educate others.

So I leave with this:
I am secure about what I told,  in my own way and perspective. If you reject it or accept it is your business not mine, I will merely do the very best that I can, even if i fail at that.

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While I agree, a S.E. ascension would be epic, I don't want anyone to get their hopes up here.  Ascension cinematics use a ton of team resources (for months) and for the company, the story is complete for S.S.  Ascension end cinematics and boss fights are amazing, but it would probably be better to invest those resources elsewhere on other content.

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Someone explain to me why this is still a topic of conversation? SE doesn't need ascension. The story is finely laid out. Helena and Rockwell DID NOT ascend to leave SE so why in the world would we?

The Systems of the Arks were explained to us to be failing from long before we were spawned on them thanks to Helena's integration on Extinction. SE's ascension programing failed and we and everyone else are free to come and go as we please without the Overseer's permission. Honestly the Overseer is probably inactive and the station is running on auto pilot. 

I dont wan't useless ascension content on an old map. I want something new to work for and discover. SE had its time and now its time for new stuff.

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