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Can oviraptors be made to pick up tamed dino's eggs.



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to humbly add to this it would be neat if they either didn't suffer weight penalties for eggs, or more realistically they could generate "egg piles" kind of like beaver dams that they would store the eggs in nearby where they are working.  You'd also have to turn off their clipping with other dinos so they don't get stuck in them.

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they would also need to remove dinosaur collision for the oviraptor, give it extreme egg weight compression, possible make it build "egg piles" that are like beaver dams where they store eggs.

aas far as it eating eggs, it already prefers meat once tamed, like most other things that have wierd preferred taming foods so as long as it is in trough range it will be fine. even if it isn't they already prioritize low value eggs over large ones.

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On 5/4/2019 at 7:18 PM, ruka1986 said:

Def love this idea! I know on pc with s+ they have ways to collect your eggs and raise babies and even imprint your babies. But this would be a good legit way to get your kibble eggs. I would love to see the oviraptor changed in this way. Hopefully it doesnt eat the eggs then :)

It would easy to make it so that it doesn't eat the eggs after taming. 

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The problem is that Oviraptor eat the dinosaur eggs you need.

I have an idea to solve this problem. It quotes from my post:


- Can be equipped with a eggpack(like Hyaenodon Meatpack) ,if it equip it, a folder will be created in the inventory.

Egg weight reduction 50%

It will not eat the eggs in the eggback unless it is very hungry

- It can pick up any unfertilized eggs and put them in the eggback

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