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New Dinosaurs/TLC but refreshed every few months



Hi LoadedCrysis here,

Who remembers the days of early access? When we would get New Dinosaurs on the PC and Console every single month?

Well I have thought of a really awesome idea that would defiantly be one step to growing Ark even more and bringing fresh content constantly to the game.


So I believe there is already a lot of Dinosaurs in Ark survival evolved, which is great, but i think there are a lot of dinos that are not used that much anymore or are just a bit boring, especially if your someone like me who has played the game for over 3 years. It would be fantastic to see some new Dinos, but If its not possible just to keep adding new dinos on top of the old ones (maybe due to memory issues or something) then why not vault some of the less popular ones and bring in fresh new dinosaurs to take there place, similar to how fortnite vaults old guns and bring in new ones. I just feel like the game needs something new every month or so and something that gets us survivors excited because change can always great. On top of this us survivors can always look forward to other bigger projects you guys work on, such as new maps, DLC's or new fun game modes but enjoy the smaller changes in the meantime.


If New Dinos couldn't work, then maybe a TLC until all the Dinosaurs are fully up to date?


Let me know what you guys think, Thanks for the chance to let us share our suggestions,





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I would like additional TLCs myself. There are many creatures that could use a pass (with the exception of the more recent ones or the ones that already had a TLC of course).

I mean, some add functionalities and that is cute and all, but I really like the movement / animation and visuals done on some of the creatures that indeed went through a full TLC pass, take my favorite for example, the Rex, the way it moves after the TLC is fantastic, it is very fluid and I can tell a lot of care was done to it, really love that quick turn they added to it too.

Some larger creatures show a need for TLC for sure, like the Giga and Bronto, they walk funny and stiff, because they are so large it becomes even more glaring. This is from an animation perspective, on a visual note I always felt the Plesio to be quite off the mark with its face, while the rest of the creature is perfect.

The bottom line is that Ark made a very smart move, by going in the direction of "inspired" as opposed to accuracy, this for sure gave the team room for some creative liberties, while still delivering something we can recognize and appreciate.

Ark is an amazing game to me, it is going to be hard to top this, so anything we can add to it is always appreciated. Looking forward for that last update.


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On 10/11/2019 at 7:16 AM, bradwoodinho said:


Pteras are actually one of the most used tames on pve, I'd say. They're the early game flyer when you don't have an argy, and they're actually pretty fast. Stam and weight are lacking, but their sheer speed more than makes up for it.

Good luck, and happy ARKing!

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On 4/24/2019 at 9:15 PM, westslo said:

Yea totally it will give players hype and a reason to come back to the game cause PC players play this alot more then console because there's modders out there giving them good content and hundreds more Dino's then what consoles have

PC Mods really only change the colours of existing dinos and add special effects to them

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