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The poor scorpions


So I have been thinking on this topic for a while while I even played on official PvP. Anyways to the topic I have been wanting to have breedable scorpions in the game as I love the little guys and would love to see babies of them. I not only have that as a thought but have thought of maybe splitting the attacks of the scorpion as the first is the claws for damage and the second is the stinger which would do some damage but mainly torpor. As a related issue maybe add in breeding for the other insects of the game such as the mantis.

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They had stated in an earlier digest that breeding bugs was difficult due to the stages of life. 

However, it would be cool if they could come up with a hive structure we could grow them in or something to bypass this

I agree with bug TLC. Adding climbing ability to spider, grabbing with scorpion, and even adding new ones. I want a wasp flyer really bad.

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Lmao .... But no reason why the in game scorpions cant drop a fertile egg as since it drops egg in game already a massive change from a real life scorpion... Plus would be cool to breed and mutate scorpions in game... Can forgo the molting aspect of a scorpion if it gets it in game as well because if thats the life cycle difference thats preventing you from adding in this feature then add it in without the dang molting just do small to full sized like current dinos grow

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