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Cave meta nerf


Currently, on official pvp, building in caves is the meta.
This has multiple reasons:
-Titans(extinction ones)
-some Caves are pretty much unraidable if built correctly and someone is online(some even if no one online)

Due to that, I would suggest to nerf/disable cave building in:
-Carno Cave
-Snow Cave
-North Ice Cave
-Pearl cave
-Bear caves
-Grave of the Tyrants
-Hidden Grotto(Shadow Cave)

How this nerf could look like(does not have to be every of this options):
-disable tek turret placement
-disable teleporter placement
-lower turret limit close to chokepoints(areas where only a few small dinos/no dinos fit through)
-disable all building

Edited by dabo1
forgot abberation caves

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if you think about it , once this nerf were to happen , mega tribes would most likley go and wipe every single Alpha / Beta , official PvP would turn into just megatribes , thats it.... no one else would really be able to play the game without getting bullied off a server

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