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Make Aberration charge stations have "leave this ark" option



We see that extinction has its city terminals that function like a teleporter, this seems to be a design choice based on the accident that it is so difficult to leave an aberration map that you map be on without building up to get climbing picks and finding a drop to escape from.


So can we see charge stations have the "travel to another ark" option, even if they don't add the creature tab and the ark data tab, just the travel to another ark option to get stranded players off of aberration easier

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Why should Dedicated Servers be allowed to use loot crates to upload and download, while everyone else have no other way to do so except going to the surface or deep into the radiation zone to upload and download? I think that is unfair treatment in itself. Every other map have it so you can easily go and upload or download within, say, 10 minutes without much danger, but on Aberration you need to think about first getting to the surface, and then the giant threat that is the reapers.

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On 5/3/2019 at 11:36 PM, Brumbass said:

There is plenty of ground drops u just have to know there spawn locations. Its only people that dont know the map that has problems 

I somewhat agree thats true. But even so when you know them its still a pain to get to them if they arent up... If the wrong one is up you might not reach it. Or it can be blocked. Beeing unprepared is a more viable reason to get stuck on there. Im pretty sure even you are gonne waste at least 30 minutes if you eg transfer to the wrong Ab server naked with all bases in the wrong places for you.

For those who yet have to try out Aberration and have Transmitter/TelePorter unlocked. Ive got an open TP to traps (Prometheus Terminal) + open base + Transmitter on AB 221 right at Portal :)

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