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More furniture and such!


There needs to be more clutter for bases/houses. Like more/better beds, more tables like round tables or long tables with a colorable decorative tablecloth, better chairs/benches/thrones, chandeliers and other lighting, more different storage spaces such as shelves/counters/baskets/end tables/larders or a pantry, and more decor like paintings, rugs, and drapes.

 If you wanted overkill maybe even some tiny knickknacks like plates, cups, bowls, candles or lanterns, papers and a quill in ink, and decorative crafting components or consumables. All that fun stuff lol

Without primitive plus the buildings are too empty, even primitive plus can suffer from this in the fact of reusing the same few clutter items like storage boxes and barrels in every empty spot becomes too repetitive. 

I'd also love to see an option for crafting a full empty building, it might not work well with the rest of the crafting system but it would save a lot of lag on console. Anytime I've played so much as building a full base would lag like crazy anytime I got near it.


That's all my two cents as a player who comes back every couple of months and ends up trying to build towns all over the map in an empty server just to make it pretty lol

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Yes to all of this, and I'll add that some tiers are lacking dreadfully compared to others.

The more you progress, the less you have options to decorate your base as if you were actually spending time in it, which is weird because that's when you have more mats to spare and are doing long activities inside, like breeding ! Everything becomes so functional... no wonder most RPers completely ignore the sci-fi aspect of the game. The other day I was building in metal and, well, let's just say that in a bright shiny palace of metal, sitting on a wooden chair at a wooden table looks a bit silly. I can't imagine what it'd be like if I built in tek.

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Would love to see a bigger stone firplace version and fur rugs added in maybe also some type of carpeting to put on floors.. New lights as well maybe have candles and celling light fan combo.. Maybe have a primitive bathtub of some kind... Some table items like bowls and forks, spoons ect and cabinets be cool to have sinks as well to decorate bases with.

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It would be nice to see decoratives added to the game that fit not just the beginning tiers, but all the others as well. 

And while adding primitive plus items would be an excellent way to get a foothold in the earlier stages, it too, like the standard gameplay, would miss the mark on the metal and tek stages. 

I have begun calling my home a warehouse- because that is what it feels like. the wooden chair, bench, and table, just don't fit the feel for the metal/tek building that I used to extend time it takes for things to despawn. 

  • A few items that I believe would be nice to have with each building tier include; (and if they could be reskinned for different looks- even better)
    • Bed
    • Chair
    • Bench-Couch
    • Toilet
    • Sink 
    • Table
    • Different Rug sizes - or creature themed rugs (rather than placing a dermis on a stand you could use it to create an creature rug- may only apply to creatures with fur)
    • Vases - Pots
    • Fireplaces - other heating source
    • A Variety of Storage Devices (as with P+ furniture items that store things)
    • Light Sources (lamps, hanging lamps, candles, etc)
    • Optional Workbenches (the smithy and fabricator are great - but it would be nice to have the option to have tables that craft one type of item. Such as a Saddle bench, an anvil for tools and weapons, and/or a sewing station for clothing options. - This one is more unnecessary than the others, but personally I think it would be a nice change. And it would keep my one smithy or fabricator from overfilling the line items as often with the variety of items they craft.)
    • Carpet - A skin to put on a ceiling tile of foundation or as an item that would snap to them to give the appearance of a shag like carpet. 

Those are just a few I could come up with. I tried pictureing a village like setting and I think a lot could be done with the option above. 



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