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More decoration items



Can we see more decoration items for the role players and singleplayers and the base decorators

We see so many decoration items on ark mobile, like being able to skin a Dino then use that skin on a wall or floor

Being able to use a dermis inside a wall trophy mount to display that creatures head on the wall

A Tek hologram pedastal to display dermis in variable or even full size and full color

Being able to put weapons on trophy mounts to make it look more like a medieval armory

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*And do not remove holiday decorations - We spend hours making it look amazing and then an admin command or update just trolls us all.

They already have limits on em, for example Christmas lights 150 max in an area.  

I would be open to the idea of not having any decoration get removed and just give them their own category. (500 decorations in an area) don't split it all up induvidually.


Then all flags, taxidermy, trophy stands, candles, dish sets (to place food out on tables), Basketball, modern chairs and beds, Computer (to send msgs/mail in server),  Balloon, Mailbox, Telephone, Birdcage, TV + Security Camera, and the list goes on!  ❤️ 

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I would love it if they would add more decoratives. 

In my mind, each building type (thatch, wood, adobe, stone, metal, tek) should have decoratives that match the type. 

These items could include; chairs, benches, dining tables, end tables, beds, storage boxes/closets, weapon displays, vases, lights, etc

And if each tier had their own version of each item, that would be a dramatic increase in the number of decoratives. No longer would we need to place a wooden table in a metal or tek building that looks outdated and out of place. 

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