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Fix loading in from laying down on a bed. Bug

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Very often, to the point that almost nobody sleeps on beds, bunk beds or sleeping pods. You will load back Inn to find yourself standing up instead of paying down. You can move around but not interact with anything but the bed to fast travel


The server knows your character is laying in the bed but your client thinks you are not. So it does not allow you to lay back down, and interacting with anything does not do anything, some times logging in and out 5 times still does not allow the client to sync with the server properly

The client needs to be sent the players xyz position and a flag to acknowledge that the player is sleeping in a bed/bunk/pod before attempting to load the map and base, this is the only fix I see for this issue

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On 9/13/2019 at 7:23 PM, DARKdank said:

The fast travel option does work but sometimes your inventory will not be in a bag.

If you are under a sloped ceiling or a 1 wall high ceiling the bag can land onto of that roof structure

But as the rotation of the bed is set 90° to the actual visible structure, often it can land out side of a wall or in out case, our Tek beds are on cat walks about Tek troughs, the satchel will land inside a Tek trough on the floor below

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