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Gacha Crystal Collection


I would like to suggest that something be added to the game to assist with gacha crystal collection.  

I am aware there are mod options for this, however as an xbox player, currently isn't much that can be done outside of running around collecting them one by one. 

1. A Saddle. There could be a second saddle option that could be crafted to collect gacha Crystal's. It wouldn't allow you to ride the gacha, and would have a limit to how many it could collect, but it would at least be a start. As an added bonus, rather than gaining durability when found at a higher level it could have more slots to carry more crystals.

2.  Creature Collection. Another creature could have the added benefit of crystal collection to their settings when in range.

3. Item Collection. A buildable item that could be set near the gachas to collect the crystals. Sort of like a vacuum that sucks up the crystals and stores them until you collect them. When full, it would shut off or let the new crystals fall to the ground


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I let the gacha run for 14 mins then whipe the crystals up in a few whips, you can look away from the gacha and still pick up crystals behind you and in the area around you and not hit the gacha to make it move. Alternatively you can hang the gacha and have a funnel system to where they roll to the ground underneath making it much easier to collect. Just try some creative builds and you will see its pretty afk as it is already.

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