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Ankylo auto-harvest


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Just a small Quality of Life improvement, please make Ankylo auto-harvest metal like Doedicurus does with stone! Would be nice to get the metal on side of the mountains without a Quetzal. Thank you.

Also, if it's a PVP thing, maybe just make it work on Single Player or PVE.

Would be a nice option to make a prefered items farm from dinos like only metal or only flint so that you dont need to throw away that stone every minute 

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No this would result in mountains 100% stripped of metal all the time. Players could pepper the mountain with 5-10 ankys and make it so metal spawns are essentially always harvested and in a downed state. 

Metal rocks are in clusters on mountains but the geometry is more spread out and varied. The anky would get stuck in a lot of places or be up against a wall in the mountainside running in place. It could go down the mountain over a cliff and kill itself from fall damage. Finding the anky could be a pain if it falls to a crevasse.

Wild creatures on mountains attack and eat ankys. The doed doesnt die when this happens because it can go into a shell. You anky will be eaten much of the time. 

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At this day and age with the tools and dinos we have access too for farming I see no negatives allowing anky to auto harvest like doedic. Maybe a few years ago yes, but now there are waaaay more "OP" methods of farming. Please if this is still on the table of things to consider or reconsider, auto harvesting anky would be an awesome Quality of life to solo farmers!

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I think keeping the Anky non-auto harvest is a good idea. I enjoy the balance of difficulty in the game. Perhaps making it available for all but official servers would work, but making the Anky auto harvest on official servers would contribute to the down fall of the game. It's like most people don't understand that the difficulty balance in a game is a make or break thing. If a game is to easy it loses replay value. If a game is to difficult it becomes non-enjoyable. The DLC maps are a prime example of that. Most people play the Island, Ragnarok, Valguero, Exstinction. Whiles less people play Aberration and even less play Scorched Earth. What makes Ark so great is it's balance in difficulty. The Anky is already one powerful dino. It can swim good, is an  easy tame, has a great hit, harvests the best resources, and can be picked up by some flyers. I think we need to leave the Anky as is to keep the game riveting.

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It does auto harvest, but anky's usually don't have much weight and it must be under 40% roughly to auto harvest.


Doedic's cut weight a lot so it takes longer to reach that threshold. Unless this feature broke recently the anky usually swings on first node I'm near and beyond that i have to do it myself.


I think a better option to aid in solo grinding would be the ability to utilize the Held tames melee attack over the flown creature. This would allow you to fly an Argy for example, but swing with the anky. 


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