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Ankylo auto-harvest


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Just a small Quality of Life improvement, please make Ankylo auto-harvest metal like Doedicurus does with stone! Would be nice to get the metal on side of the mountains without a Quetzal. Thank you.

Also, if it's a PVP thing, maybe just make it work on Single Player or PVE.

Would be a nice option to make a prefered items farm from dinos like only metal or only flint so that you dont need to throw away that stone every minute 

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Actually, I'd like to see this taken a bit further, cos filling an ankey (or doed for that matter) to it's weight-related shutoff happens very quickly. What I'd like to see instead is the ability to whistle attack this target on harvestable resources (bushes/trees/rocks/metal nodes/clams/etc.) so that you can black-weight your ankey/doed/beaver or whatever harvester you're carrying at that time. 

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OK OK calm down your horses ...

PVP Point of view, adding this DOESNT make the game harder, Doesnt make you a better pvper with or without, its simpley a better design for the game to have this feature on all dinos that can be carried by argy. It is complete and utter cancer to keep mounting and dismounting and we all agree on this part. 

This option will simply stop you from falling down to your death because " THEY decided to put metal in unreachable cliff areas " 
It will make you FARM more play the game more. 

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On 3/8/2020 at 11:21 AM, Hexidecima said:

I think keeping the Anky non-auto harvest is a good idea. I enjoy the balance of difficulty in the game. Perhaps making it available for all but official servers would work, but making the Anky auto harvest on official servers would contribute to the down fall of the game.

How? It would hardly collect anything, much-less enough to throw off the balance of the game.

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