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Sorry if some of these have already been posted but here's my list of suggestions which I would like to see Ark maybe implement in the near future. 


1. Having more hairstyles and more in-depth coloured dyes to paint our clothes (eg - Medium Light Blue because there's only like Neon Blue and Navy) 

2. Having more S+ implemented to consoles (eg- Glass Metal Walls and Foundations etc).

3. Having some Prim+ Items to the official game would make PVE more fun. 

4. In the Dino information screen can we have the information on what level we tamed the dino and it's original stats so it would be useful for breeders. (eg- Breeding Info Tab maybe?)

5. Removal of flyer nerf on PVE

6. Having a new structure to claim land without having pillars everywhere in your yard. 

7. Having new / more oceanic servers without people from other countries stealing our servers. 

8. Possibility to have more than 1 character on a server? 

9. Remove rust and glare from metal structures.

10. Have the ability to build treehouse platforms in the SF on Extinction. (SF has similar trees like the redwoods in some places)

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