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Make Griffins & Wyverns Breedable and/Or Saddleable


With the advent of tames like the snow owl and mana which can be given high end saddles and bred, we need to buff the older non-saddled dinos to have other counter options and so the meta doesn't stagnate


Making wyverns breedable or a saddle option similar to equus (ride with or without) would mean more effective and varied counters to manas maneuvering


Griffins similarly would be pull out of just being a quick flight tame and become properly effective again

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With the advent of tames like the snow owl and mana which can be given high end saddles and bred, we need to buff the older non-saddled dinos to have other counter options and so the meta doesn't stag

I agree on griffins. Not rly wyverns/drakes though, but perhaps it could be a server setting for sp/unofficials! I do think wyverns and drakes should drop unfert eggs though and female wyverns should

No this would ruin everything balance wise for them if you want them to be breedable just play on some unofficial servers that had a mod that does this

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Wyvern saddles and breedable yes

griffings saddle and breedable yes

everthing in that catigory is easy prey for a mana (i am talking the pvp lines) and i dont say they need to be able to kill them but i say a wyvern with simular amount of breeding should be able to stick up to a mana and also the griffin pretty much same resoning behind. 

For pvp the current meta is mana or get out. wyvern get only damage reduction from rider bonus so they take all damage raw to their hp so without any kind of armor they stand no chance against even a bad mana line and will also never as they are so squishy same goes for the griffin but he is even in worse state as he is not breedable.

also beeing frank here if a op mana kills me or a op wyvern in the end its the same thing in green but opens up more options of dinos even worth putting the time in breeding

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On 7/3/2020 at 3:47 PM, ForzaProiettile said:

No. The game is already inundated with flyers. The last thing it needs is every beach Bob running about with his own dragon.

i if that beach bob manages to breed a dragon to that amount that he would need more power to him. but as it is now not having a wyvern is not a quetstion of beach bob or not its just a bit of knowing how to i raised dragons naked so.

I agree the game is in a very bad state what flyers are and well the "jumper" but giving wyverns and griffins the chance to have armor would not change things that much tbh.  their range compared with the mana is still bad their damage scaling is kinda terrible they not even get a crossair to help you aim

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Weve got wyverns now, which is great. Hoping for the griffins now. They still have a niche use on pvp as pve but they are far from being at the top of the food chain which is why they need some love. Breeding and saddles would do exactly that. Then they would have a chance to become majestic alpha predators again and not the slightly better pteranodon.

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On 4/24/2019 at 4:34 PM, Ebro72 said:

I say wyvens shouldn’t be able to breed but have a saddle option and griffins should have both

Wyverns already have a decent health pool, let alone their abilities and dmg. I don't think they should be able to have saddles or allowed to be bred as that would make them already harder to kill. Though griffins should have both, with the option of being able to be ridden with or without a saddle as they don't have too great stats and the snow owl is basically a better griffin because they have a saddle and breed option so they aren't the commonly used flyer they once were. 

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On 4/24/2019 at 12:08 PM, Nattix said:

Please please please make griffins breedable!


Seeing as you guys have made griffins breedable on mobile, I think it's only fitting to make them breedable on the other platforms as well. I understand that the Griffin's dive swipe and dive bomb have very high base damage but landing those hits often take time and require proper positioning to get it right. I believe it's safe to say a person would tend to dive bomb or dive swipe once or twice per confrontation, and if they did more they would spend a good deal of time killing whatever it was they were killing. Even then, nerfing those numbers a little bit would be a fine trade for breeding in my opinion, as I'd love to have an imprinted griffin at my disposal, especially since it does not have a saddle to give it armor. Also, think of the griffin babies!


With the implementation of the Snow Owls, it seems the griffin has begun to be overshadowed. With a faster base speed, the same gliding capabilities and very slightly lower base damage, the owl already has somewhat of an advantage, as it also is able to heal itself and allies remarkably quickly. Not to mention, it can wear saddles and benefit from the armor that it provides, and also can be bred! The griffin has only one perk that the snow owl does not(well, two if you count an extra riding seat) and that is it's dive bomb, which is very strong but doomed to be limited as breeding and imprinting cannot improve it further. 


In conclusion, Griffins are amazing and I love them, but theres so much potential that they are not able to reach as they are overshadowed by the snow owl's versatility and the wyvern's damage and health. If they were able to be bred, they could be a strong, deadly mount that is highly coveted by most people. Think about it, and think of all the griffin chick-cubs!

true i would like tek saddles for griffins maybe not wyverns


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On 7/15/2020 at 9:20 AM, DodoRaptor said:

This doesn't make them any easier to tame, just easier to not kill. The fact that a griffin takes full damage severely limits their fighting skills. With the PvP servers crawling with super-bred managarmrs, this will allow older players, who are prefer griffins and wyverns to use these creatures with better survivability. It's fair that a level 300 mana with an ascendant saddle and full imprint can jet boost around the map freezing and destroying rexes, gigas, and wyverns, but unfair that said wyvern might get some armor and maybe tek blasts (breeding wyverns might be OP, but griffins seems fair enough)? Think about it.

That says more about how unbalanced flyers are compared to everything else.

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