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Add Arkaeology dinos


Please add the old Arkaeology event skins as actually working dino's with their own proper working models and animations and uses

Like the brachiosaurus (Bronto skin) can stomp with its front legs like the titanosaur 

The styracosaurus (trike skin) can do some bleeding damage with its sharp horn

The stygimoloch (Pachy skin) can......(im not sure for this fella)

Anyway my point is new dinos are always welcomed and when these where revealed to be skins i can say me and alot of people where disappointed 

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While I agree we need more dinos,I do not agree with making these new content. The skins are good enough for these I think. Sure they might be a tad different in size but they will only bring in the same dynamics as other dinos we already have. Not to mention,larger dinos like the Brachio would cause lots of lag. Not everyone on the planet has new and up to date gaming rigs and the highest speed internet to handle that. Plus consoles are in the mix now and have much more limitations...many console players would be upset if content was to get cut. 

At first I wanted this same thing because I was also disappointed but after thinking about it I think it makes sense the way they went with it.

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On 5/17/2019 at 9:33 AM, Qwertymine said:

The Brachi model is literally too small for the Bronto hitbox. Your arguement makes no sense. 

You do realize the model in skin form for the Bronto is not the proper size for the Brachio right? I was speaking in terms of if the thing was made into its own blueprint. It is very easy to change the scale/size in the Dev Kit to match the actual size it should be so I would like to think they would do so if they did add it. Hence why my argument makes sense.

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i think that they should spawn with the same abilities as the base dino but should have different stats and colors like.


Brachy: more HP and damage, Legs Weight and stamina 

Sytrato; More damage and Stamina, Less HP and speed

Stigy: More Weight and Stamina , less Damage but more torpor 



and maybe some animals could have more skins like.

Carno = Ceratosaurus

Baryonyx = Suchomimus

parasaur = Corythosaurus

Stego = gigantspinosaurus

Anky = sauropelta

Rex = carcharodontosaurus

Allo = Acrocanthosaurus

Ptera = tropeognathus

Sarco = deinosuchus

Mego = albertosaurus

Raptor = Linheraptor or herrerasaurus

Mosa = tylosaurus

Megalodon = edestus

Sabertooth = Cave lion

Mammoth = Mastodon


so it could add a bit more bio diversity



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