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If not completely remove then I would suggest making some of the following changes:

-Reduce the range of which the parasaur detects

-Reduce the range of which the pararsaur notifies

-Remove the "XX parasaur has detected an enemy" at the top of your screen and leave us with the red dot.

-Remove turret mode and have the parasaur only work if it is being mounted and using right click.

-Only detect enemies that are in line of sight, still see people in the mesh but could not have parasaurs in a 1x1 box. Would let us knock it out/kill it.

-Make the red dot an egg hat.

Discord bots and cave meta sucks and parasaurs are big contributors to that


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Baby Finder is useful on PvP too.  I will say this for PvP.... have you ever had someone steal your parasaur and put it in their FOB nearby.  ANNOYING AS F*&^.  Anywho, a captured parasaur can really screw with someone your attacking.  Because you can do this I think it's fine as is.

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I've been playing this game since 2015 and the game was fine and balanced with radaraurus being added. The problem with the Parasaurus' ability is it dumbs down the game, the same is true for the snow owl. What happened to listening with your ears and using your eyes?

The other problem is since its a low level tame its super cheap and easy to tame, allowing just about anyone to get one.

My suggestion would be that at the very least it not show the specific location of where the enemy is, but only a message that he is nearby. Ideally though this ability should be shifted to a much higher specialist dino say one that is underused like say the megalania even then it doesn't make much sense. Perhaps instead make it a reasonably expensive metal or tek structure requiring a power source. That would reduce its frequency and use among players.

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